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Recommend a disposable diaper that works with bowel movements

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I think my disposable diaper is adding to my problems of bowel impaction. At times it feels like there is ‘poop’ in the diaper that is preventing further evacuation so I don’t have a complete bowel movement

Do any of you have a recommendation for a good disposable diaper for someone who has bowel and bladder .incontinence?

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I have not heard of a diaper product hampering a bowel movement. Is the one you are using extremely tight? Perhaps you just need a product that is more absorbent or that has a bit more room to it - so perhaps sizing is an issue? Most online retailers will send a few sample products to you so that you can select something that really works for you before you buy a whole package or a case of something.

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maryb99 in reply to incon1982

My diaper is put on very tight and it also has extra pads so I can last through the night without having to wake my husband to change it.

I’ll take your advice and do some searching online and maybe get some samples. Perhaps a larger diaper or better fit will solve the problem. Thank you.

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incon1982Administrator in reply to maryb99

NorthShore is one of the many companies that is happy to send you samples, including the MegaMax mentioned along with others that are highly absorbent. I used several of their products and also a Tranquility product while caregiving my late husband, and they were great. Incredibly absorbent, fit well, and were comfortable for him. I hope you find something that works well for you!

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Try the North Shore MegaMax, its a fantastic all-around choice. You may also like Better Dry or Trest. Those are probably my top three. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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maryb99 in reply to Equilibrated

Thank you for the suggestions. I just looked at the mega max online and it should be a good one to try.

I’ll check out the other two also. Thank you.

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