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Help dealing with a pad rash

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Since loosing my bladder control a few years ago I've been completely dependent on pads but I've been having issues with a blotchy rash inside my legs and bottom, usually I use sudocrem and baby wipes with every change.

I was recommended clotrimazole and it cleared the last rash away in the space of a week but since Christmas the rash has returned and the cream is doing nothing, trying to let it air out is extremely sore and impractical given my level of incontinence.

What is the best way to treat this?

5 Replies
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I use Proshield as a cream or spray on the parts of me inside my pad.

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It sounds like you may have had a fungal infection, and you might have one again - or some skin breakdown. To prevent skin breakdown you should definitely use a moisture barrier ointment. These are made by several companies such as Hollister and Coloplast, and will be very helpful. Most continence nurses would recommend not using wipes, but plain old water (no soap), a skin cleanser (again from one of the major companies that manufacture continence care products) and then pat the area dry with a towel. If the problem continues, I would recommend seeing a continence care nurse or a urology nurse for further help so things don't get worse for you.

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StellaA in reply to incon1982

I'm not sure if it is fungal or not, normally I will ask my chemist as it's embarrassing to ask my gp about trivial things like itches and rashes.The wipes might be part of the problem I've not had any persistent rashes before all the supermarkets switched to plastic free wipes.

I like using the wipes because there convenient, using water and towels would mean having to make it to the bathroom every time I needed to change my pad.

The clotrimazole is working and I'm no longer in pain every time I move, the skin is still quite enflamed, do you think it is fungal?

My rash
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Sorry - I am not a nurse so I couldn't say. But please don't think a skin issue is trivial when incontinence is concerned. It can turn into a major issue if not treated and taken care of. So please bother your GP. Or if you can contact a Continence Care nurse, that would be good, too. You want to always want to take care of skin care issues right away.

I was glad to hear you report that the pain has lessened.

As far as wipes, I would just make sure that they do not contain anything that could dry your skin, remove essential oils from your skin, or cause any kind of irritation. There are wipes made just for incontinence, and so if you can access those, try to get those. I would not use ones that might be for infants or that might have perfumes in them. I totally understand wanting the convenience of wipes. I have been a caregiver, and they were so very convenient. But I did have ones just were for incontinence care specifically. And even with those and a moisture barrier ointment, I had to really watch for any skin issues because they blew up so quickly.

I hope this helps!

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Hello StellaA,

First off, I am sorry you are dealing with incontinence. It is a rough thing to manage by itself, without all of the stigma and shame one must work through.

I am a nurse, and also incontinent. I agree with Incon1982 100%. Skin is one of your body’s most important protections against infection. The rash you showed in your photo is serious, and well worth going to see your GP about. There are prescription creams and ointments that can help you deal with rashes, whether fungal in nature or otherwise. Often the best treatment for a rash is removing the cause of it. That is what is so hard about incontinence rashes… the moisture and irritants in urine are going to keep coming. At least as long as we are unable to hold our urine. Perhaps your GP may also have suggestions about options for trying to improve your bladder control.

Telling a provider about incontinence is really tough. The embarrassment factor is hard to get over. But realize that it is much more common than you might think, and they are understanding.

I hope you find this encouraging and helpful. Keep your chin up! You can live a great life with incontinence (or possibly find ways to NOT have to) and your GP can help.


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