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Traveling with Incontinence Supplies

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I recently was helping a man who is going to be traveling to another country with a suitcase full of his disposable underwear. He was concerned about the Security areas he'd have to go through and also how the airlines would handle his baggage. We found out that you should call the TSA in the US and your airline ahead of time to make sure that you can get a private screening at Security in the airport, and also to check with the airline's policy on medical supplies before your arrival. There are slight differences from airline to airline on their policies with medical devices and supplies.

I am wondering if this community could share other good travel tips on long trips/or short trips with incontinence products that might help others not run into snags at airports, train stations, etc.

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A few tips here to share. If flying, change to a dry diaper if you can before going through the scanner. The "back scatter" machine which is the one that shows the picture if the passenger looks for objects that are dense. If you get scanned with a wet diaper, it will show up as some kind of liquid that will have to be investigated farther. If it is dry or mostly dry, you will not have a problem. I know everyone has heard the TSA horror stories but those are few and far between. As for carry on, again, it should not be a problem. That will be run through the X-ray and will not be flagged because it is not what they are looking for.

As far as supplys in checked baggage, good luck. All of us know someone that the airlines have lost bags. One suggestion would be if you will be at your destination for more then a few days, order some supplies from your preferred online source but have them shipped to your destination. This will save you time and money. Another option would be buy supplies at your destination. This way there is no shipping cost at all. You will just need to take some time to call and see what is available in that area.

How this helps and is a start to another great conversation.


i fly quite offten and take dsposable diapers and pull ups. even with a wet diaperon, i have not had any problems. some are in my carry on and the rest in my checked luggage.

When I travel domestically, I don't have any issues taking what I need. If I'm on a plane for more than 2 hours, I wear something to protect me if I fall asleep. I carry extra in my carry on and change when I get to my destination if I have an issue.

I've been on cruises that depart the US and never had an issue or an embarrassing moment.

I do plan on traveling overseas in the near future and that has me a bit concerned. I don't think I can take enough supplies and I'll be forced to purchase something locally, off the shelf. I'm not sure what I'll be dealing with when I start long distance travel. I would like to know what the off the shelf options are in part of northing Europe, South America and Japan.

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I realize this thread is quite old, but with regards to selection in other countries you'll be pleasantly surprised. It seems in many other countries (especially japan), the "retail" grade products are closer in quality and form to the medical grade incontinence products here in the USA.

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That's good to know! Thank you for sharing that information.

When I was traveling locally I also didn't find any issues, nobody has noticed etc. But for a longer trip overseas I would be a little bit concerned about it as I'm pretty sure my supplies wouldn't last and buying something locally... Well, I would need to give more thought into it and prepare myself accordingly.

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I agree. It takes planning, checking to see what is available where you are going and how to purchase it there, or how to take along a lot of supplies with you so you don't run out. Planning, making some calls or writing some emails ... all will help make sure that there are no surprises on a trip.

I took my first trip since 2003 and since I started wearing adult briefs full time and for bowel and bladder. I went to Israel with my job. they know about my accident and knew me before. I had to get to Newark from philly and obviously was wet when I arrived. I wasn't there all that long so I just brought a bag on wellness superios which are all around terrific and discreet - not the bag though. In any case, it being a plane to Israel, they asked to remove my pants and they looks through the supplies. it was embarrassing. The plane ride was 10.5 hours one way and 12 hours back. I took meds for anxiety which did help. I had to change a few times - soil and wet. I wore gary pants over the briefs. I took nullo. I cannot use the anal tampons anymore as they give me herroroids. Id didn't smell but It was obvious what I was doing in the bathroom. There was no place to deposit the used pads so I had to take dirty diapers back out with me in my diaper backpack. I had a lot of trouble cleaning my bowel accident and took a long time. There was a cute guy with a birth defect on his arm who knew exactly what was going on. Once at the hotel I soiled the sheet and they refused to give me a replacement. I'm a little on teh spectrum and need covers over me to sleep and esp when Im wearing briefs in a strange place. So I didn't sleep much. I cried twice. Sat was the trip to Jerusalem which was great although I had no discreet place to change so I was full at the sites. the trip back was just as bad. I used 4-6 briefs per day and was there four days. I had some senis too. Is all travel this hard?

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Thanks for sharing these tips!

I know I am a little late to the party so hopefully it is ok to chime in. After having issues in towns where I did not know where the local grocery store was (or in which city) I always say pack a week ahead, or two depending. If you will be out 3 days, I'd say pack a week's worth of stuff. With incontinence, it is always best to pack and plan ahead. The more you bring, the less headaches arguably. You also will never know how a trip will go so I plan on diapers or multiple stops, but what I can say from my last trip is planning ahead prevents nightmares ( we had to go 2 cities away to find any products, and even then choices were super limited)

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Responses are welcome ANY time! :-) These are good thoughts. I have had people not take enough supplies and get to other countries and find no supplies. What a nightmare that has to be. So planning ahead and always taking more supplies than you think you might need is the way to go!

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