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Awaiting results

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Hi I'm relatively new to this forum, I currently have metastatic breast cancer but I had an ultrasound on Monday to rule out ovarian cancer so I can have my ovaries removed. The lady doing it said she could see some cysts inside my ovaries but she could also see something inside the cysts which is most likely cancer due to my family history-my grandma died aged 62 from ovarian cancer. I'm now terrified that I have ovarian cancer as well. I see the gynecologist in 10 days for my results and myovarian cancer blood test results, the wait is making me so anxious.

Andrea x

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I'm so sorry that you have to suffer like this, waiting and not knowing is worse than anything. You really are having a tough time of things and I'd love to be able to make things better for you but unfortunately its just a case of having to wait and see. Some reflexology might help to relax you and take the edge off some anxiety at this horrible time, it's difficult not to worry but hopefully in 10 days the results will be better than you thought, I wish you all the best xx

Hi. I’m sorry you’re going through this waiting and worrying. Are you BRCA positive? Normally an ultrasound tech should not be able to to diagnose or inform you about anything. A definite OC diagnosis can only be done by pathology. A scan and abnormal CA 125 suggests its presence. Try to see a gyn onc. A regular gynecologist isn’t an expert in OC. I hope it’s not OC!

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Hi no. I'm BRCA negative, the lady who did the ultrasound said she could see something in the cysts and due to my current cancer situation and family history it was most likely cancer. X

Waiting is one of the hardest things - waiting for dr appointments, waiting for test results, waiting to find out next options. Patience is a virtue that definitely gets a workout with a diagnosis of cancer.

I’m thinking you have your results by now. I hope all is well. But know if you were told it was ovarian cancer we are here for you.

Best wishes - Gwen

I got my results on Monday and I do have cancer in both my ovaries. I'm having an MRI scan before been given a date for surgery-is this normal?As I am BRCA negative the consultant thinks I have a faulty gene to have so many cancers at such a young age-I got the diagnosis on my 31st birthday in October 2020.

He wants to do more tests to find out which gene.

But I'm wondering. My grandma had ovarian cancer but my mum had her ovaries removed when she was 35 due to endometriosis so could it still be genetic as my mum had hers removed we'll never know if she may have had it? X

Hi. I’m so sorry! I would guess you must have some genetic abnormality. I have a PALB2 mutation and a somatic brca1. But I am way older than you. I will say I had two genomic tests and one did not show either mutation but then another one did show them. But there are other mutations as well that might help a PARP inhibitor work for you. Sending you hugs.

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I'm currently on Ibrance and Anastrozol as well as goserline injections so will I be put on more meds after the hysterectomy? The consultant seems to think after the hysterectomy I'll be ovarian cancer free and it won't return but part of me is worried it can? I'm not sure what a PARP inhibitor is... I'm clued up on my breast cancer treatments but not on ovarian cancer x

Hi. Well one day at a time. First a pathologist will determine exactly what type of OC if it is OC and what stage. Some young people have one of the rarer more curable types. The majority are high grade serous and unless yours is stage 1 you will in all likelihood have to have six cycles of chemo. Make sure your surgeon is a gyn oncologist. PARP inhibitors are a newer pill form drug given for maintenance. I’m on one and so far 15 months ned. I have stage 3b. Don’t look at stats online because they’re out of date and OC is a very quirky form of cancer. You can’t tell much by how others react. The treatment of breast cancer seems more advanced to me but I am not a doctor. You will have to deal with menopause but I guess the drug you’re on may already be causing that. I wish you all the best. You’ve already been through a cancer diagnosis so on the one hand you know the ropes but on the other you must feel overwhelmed! ❤️

Thank you for your replies. I've been directed to a website which has been helpful in the questions I need to ask my gynaecology surgeon and recovery process.

I was told any information online was at least a year out of date but we all do it dont we & make ourselves worse & of course everyone reacts different to every scenario.wishing you thr very best lovely

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