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Bit silly, but I can't help worrying I have cancer.

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So my story (bear with me please) - I've had a lot of problems since young having ovarian cysts (usually treated with medication, use to (painful) bleed all the time so had an endometrial ablation in 2009 (which stopped my periods completely), pain never got better then few years later found out I have endometriosis, then I started menopause symptoms about 3 years ago and was told at 38 years old I'd started menopause. I've tried HRT twice but it's not for me I've chosen to not have any medication. I also for years have suffered with IBS (some days I could be constipated or Diarrhoea). For past 5 weeks I have had constant backache, ovary pain (sometimes running down top of right thigh), constipated, IBS symptoms horrendous with bloating and uncomfortable, feeling tired, not sleeping waking for wee every 2 hours (checked and don't have UTI) and nausea sometimes for no reason.

Went to doc explained all my symptoms and said I think I have cysts again because that's how it feels. She kept saying it's the IBS and i need to up the laxative. She also said there's no chance I could have a cyst being post menopausal. After insisting that I've suffered from cysts in the past, she reluctantly had a feel of my belly.

She said she'll send me for a scan then (clearly she had had enough of me explaining how I feel).

Update: been for transvaginal ultrasound today and a 4cm cyst was found on right ovary.

I knew this would be the case because I know my body.

I have made an appointment to see GP next week (was told to do so by radiologist)

I'm worried that it might be cancerous.

Ps. I was diagnosed with skin cancer (BASAL CELL CARCINOMA) last year. Had surgery to remove it and am now clear. The year before I had abnormal cells found from smear and then found to have CIN 3 cells, I had Lletz treatment.

Feeling overwhelmed right now 😔😔

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Hi gr8kids,

What a lot you have had to deal with over the years. Isn't it just great being a girl? We do have to deal with so much don't we?

I can't believe your GP said you couldn't have cysts because you're post menopause, there are lots of us here (yourself included) who disprove that theory.

OC is often misdiagnosed as IBS but this does not mean you definitely have OC. You need to have the nature of your cyst diagnosed, go see your doctor again now that a cyst has been found, if you don't feel you are getting the answers you need then you can see another doctor. Once you know what the nature of the cyst is you can move forward with treatment and given your history there's every chance it could be another benign one.

I really hope you do not need to join us on this forum and that you are cancer free but if it turns out to be sinister then we are all here for you. Keep us up to speed. Try not to worry and take care ❤xx Jane

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gr8kids in reply to Cropcrop

Hi Jane. Thank you so much for your reply. It's scary waiting! Nobody else knows this is going on except for my hubby. Well sort of as I've not told him I'm concerned it might be OC. Knowing I can get support on here, means the world to me. Thank you so much x

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Ivster in reply to Cropcrop

Crop crop, it's funny you mention isn't it great being a girl. My daughter is 15 and has really bad periods, really heavy now she's a anemic. And has to take special medication and I got diagnosed with ovarian cancer in January. But we always say isn't great to be a girl. And my daughter said she would like to give Catilyn Jenner her ovary, to feel like us real women feel😂

So sorry you had to deal with all of this for so long. You are right to get answers and insist on a scan and blood work.(do you know your CA125?) You know your body after all. If something doesn't feel right then something is wrong. The OC community is always preaching to find it early, most of us find it stage 3 or 4. You may not have cancer but you have something. Insist until someone listens. Have you thought about a total hysterectomy? If you don't need those parts anymore then take away all your problems in the future. Sounds like you have suffered a long time with GYN issues.

Hopefully you don't have to join us all but we are here for support. Please keep us posted. Sending warm wishes and thoughts

Xx Carol

Thank you for your reply Carol. Yes I have before considered a hysterectomy. I do think it's time I get it all taken away. After all i really don't need any of it anymore. I so desperately want my life back.

It can be tough with my hubby being away all the time,he's in the army. That's one of the biggest reasons I've put off having a hysterectomy. Having pain every single day and not knowing when it'll end, is soul destroying.

gr8kids you're not being silly! It's great that you know your body so well, and good for you for insisting on the care you feel is best. Keep us updated on how the GP appointment goes <3

Thank you missa13. I'll keep you posted.

gr8kids when you talk to your doctor about your test results make sure you get copies of the doctor's report. You are entitled to that. Keep a folder with all you medical history in it.

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gr8kids in reply to GwenHP

Hi GwenHP, thank you for your reply. Actually I've asked for access to my records online. And I've asked to see another GP. I just don't feel that this doctor is listening to me.

I've got to see the gynaecologist and he was brilliant. After he'd seen everything I've been through he suggested a hysterectomy which he feels will be the only thing that'll help because i have adenomyosis. That freaked me out a bit, so i asked if i could have a laparoscopy first to see exactly what's going on and then i can make a decision from there. I know ultimately i need i hysterectomy as it's been in the cards before. I go in on 21 March for lap. X

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Honrath in reply to gr8kids

Excellent prayers and thoughts for you.🙏😇

I know post menopausal women can have 4 cm cyst because I also have symptoms you described after you were diagnosed with IBS. I was also diagnosed with IBs and I was over 50 but my bloating/back/ovary/extreme fatigue and nausea/unexplained weight loss and this week fullness and bloating so bad I cannot eat 3 normal meals a day. After 1 meal yesterday only I had 4 bites of grits and 1/4 of an English muffin. We will both get through this. How did your tests come out.

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Margiedolly in reply to aesDX01

Wow. You sound like my story. I was Stage 3-C when they opened me up.

Kr8kids, you know you're body better than anyone, never stop trying to stand up for yourself and get 2nd and 3rd opinions if you can financially. Are you in England? Just wondering, anyway. The angels are hearing you and all you need to do is pray to all the angels and you will find an answer. Keep up the fight my prayers are with you.


Dear gr8kids, please insist in a transvaginal ultrasound, CT-PET scan, and a CA-125 test. This is how they figured out I had ovarian cancer, after years of pelvic exams, MRI's and X-rays; all which showed nothing.(Except for 1 gyno, who was concerned about an ovarian cyst).

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