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About 4 weeks ago I had uti symptoms, mainly frequent urination and pain during sex. I was put on antibiotics but haven’t improved. I now have stomach pain and cramping. I also sleep LOADS and never feel refreshed . I’ve been passing a lot of wind and keep needing a poo but they are only small. I’m only 23 so I’m unable to have a smear. I have booked an ultrasound scan for Tuesday privately as I’m so so worried. The scan is on my bladder , kidneys and ovaries . Would ovarian cancer show on this ?

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Hi Anna ... you should contact your GP they would do a referral given the symptoms you have mentioned, as for determining OC and being diagnoses for it there is a certain criteria the onocology team follow before you would undergo a CT scan or MRI scan etc there are a multitude of symptoms which may indicate OC but I would urge you to make an appointment with your Dr who will or should refer you to the onocology team ...wishing you all the best.

All my initial investigation via GP. Oncology involved once something dodgy appeared on the bowel ct. In my experience the ultrasound scan didn't show anything and that was the first part of investigation although all my pain was upper abdomen. The bowel sympton I had for a long time was a feeling I had to strain to pass a stool that felt it was going to be really hard and large fir it to be small and soft. My diagnosis came about after a poo sample analysis put me on the 2 week referral and the bowel consultant and he sent me for a colonospic ct scan. I have primary peritoneal cancer which comes under and is treated the same as ovarian cancer. In view of the change to your bowel movement I would be pushing for a stool sample analysis. Initially. There are so many things it might be so just keep pushing for answers. Good luck.

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Thank you so much for your reply ! Hope your well xx

Hi, Anna. It was a urologist who discovered a complex cyst on one of my ovaries when he did an ultrasound of my kidneys. My gynecologist referred me to him because I was getting up to urinate eleven times at night (I kept track). That cyst proved to be ovarian cancer. However, I was 69 at that time and post-menopausal women have a higher incidence of OC than someone your age. Still, You are wise to have the ultrasound. I hope the results put your mind at ease. Best wishes from Louisiana,


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Thank you very much! Hope your well xxx

You are young for ovarian cancer but your symptoms are familiar to me. In fact, it was the pain during sex that alerted me (plus other symptoms in hindsight) and I lost no time contacting my GP and telling her my concerns. She moved very quickly - CA 125 blood test and u/s then c/t scan all done within three weeks. Talk about your concerns to your GP and and ask for tests and scans. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Thank you very much! Did anything show up on your bloods or ultrasound ?

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Yes. CA 125 was raised above normal, ,130. Should be between 0 and 35 but normal reading is rarely as low as zero. U/S showed a suspicious mass in pelvic area, size unclear. GP fast tracked me for a C/T scan and appointment with gynaecologist. Definite ovarian mass extending into the pouch of douglas, thus the pain during sex. Please do not get yourself tied in knots over this it could be lots of other treatable things but please do ask to have it investigated for your own peace of mind.

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Hope you are well now and Thankyou for taking the time to reply to me, really appreciate it ❤️

I replied to your previous post but the other symptoms, apart from pain during sex which came along a little later, were lots of wind, changes in urine and bowel habits and increasing bouts of bloating and distending abdomen. Hope this is helpful.

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Thank you very much

Hi. One thing I would add is that you need a transvaginal ultrasound not just an external one. Good luck. Odds are it’s not OC but you need to find out what is wrong.

Early stage oc cannot be detected by transvaginal or abdominal ultrasound. It did not detect my OC. A CT/PT scan with contrast or even an MRI is more likely to find it. Those scans can also detect bowel blockage. Continue to advocate strongly for your medical needs. I went to 5 doctors for over 2 years trying to find out what was wrong with me. None of them ordered a scan. I was naive and didn't know that high grade serous epithelial oc, the most common kind, grows on the outside of organs in it's early stages. The tests I had only looked at the inside of my colon, esophagus, stomach, and bladder. CA125 is a protein marker in blood for detecting OC, but is unreliable as in many patients it doesn't elevate in the early stages or at all. You will get to the root cause of your symptoms! Be persistent.

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