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CT Scan this morning

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So it’s off to get a CT Scan this morning, I wasn’t scheduled to see my Oncologist until the middle of April, but have been having some stomach aches and some random pain in my abdomen as well, so he ordered a CT Scan and wants to see me Thursday. I’m obviously a little worried...Has anyone had a recurrence within 6 months of their last treatment? Associated with Primary Peritoneal Cancer? Not that it matters, they treat it exactly the same as other ovarian cancers.

Thank All

Have a wonderful day!


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Hi Jules,

Just wanted to comment that it sounds like your oncologist is really on the ball.

Hi Jules- I had stomach aches and pains and low pelvic pain after finishing first line chemo. I had CT scan and all it showed was a large amount of stool in bowel. lol Hope its nothing for you also. We really panic after each little ache or pain.

Hugs, Carol

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Margiedolly in reply to caf132

Me, too!🤣

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Jules_PPC in reply to caf132

I’ve had that issue as well lol! Actually none of my CT Scans have ever shown anything but that....

My doc says to me, "your full of poop"🤣

Dear Jules, it sounds like you and your doc are right on top of things! Try not to worry, just listen to your body and insist on tests, etc. when things seem off. How's your CA125 these day

At my last check it was 12.2. Which is totally normal I know, but it had stayed at 10.1 from April of 2017 through January 2018.

I know I’m probably just being paranoid.

But writing it out to you all made me feel a bit better. I thank you for that. 🦋😊

Update about my CT Scan...

My Scan was 100% normal! So I’m going to try and move on from the what could happen phase, which is something I’ve been struggling with from day one. Wish me luck, I start therapy next week.

Thank you all so much for your well wishes and prayers.


😀Start living again, and have fun!!💖

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Cynthia18 in reply to Jules_PPC

I am so grateful to hear about your good cat scan!!!

Good luck with your therapy,I to will be starting therapy next week to learn how to live through this

Happier than I have been

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Jules_PPC in reply to Cynthia18

Thank you!

And good luck with your therapy as well.

We just need to stay positive and not let this disease steal any joy we are given.

Take Care

Whew! When you said therapy, I thought you meant "chemotherapy"....Maybe I need therapy, too!😅

Lol! I just saw this! 😂

Hello Jules, it's been a little bit of time and I was wondering how you are doing? Our cases, in terms of timeline and treatment seem pretty identical.

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Jules_PPC in reply to mig991

Hey! I’m sorry I am just seeing your message, I still haven’t quite figured this site out.

I am doing well so far. I had my last treatment 9/17/17 and have been NED since then. And obviously hoping to stay that way. But of course I’m paranoid about every little ache or pain in my abdomen.

This disease changes you. I will never be that same carefree person that I was before my diagnosis, but hopefully I can be better.

Tell me about your journey, how are you doing now?

Wishing you all the best 🦋🙏


I had primary peritoneal in March 2016. Debulking surgery followed by 6 treatments carbon and taxol. Was in remission for 18 months when lymph nodes were noted in the neck, chest,groin and abdomen on the ct scan. None in major organs. Did 6 treatments of doxil and carbo. My doctor at Mayo uses the CA125 and also the HE4 blood test. Normal for he4 is 96 to 140. It is now shot up to 156from 96 in January. I see her tomorrow and she will probably want a ct and more chemo. I am so discouraged since my last chemo was in November.

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Jules_PPC in reply to KCWM

So they did your debulking before any chemo?

I’m sorry I’m just seeing your message. I still haven’t quite figured out this site.

How are you doing now?

Prayers that they have your cancer under control.



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