Feeling let down

Sorry for all the post , I am feeling very let down by my gynaecologist.

I have had a ultra sound scan that has shown a 7.8cm septated cyst, inaugural had my blood works come back as 71. I have a family history of both overian and breast cancer. Yet she still wants too watch and wait . The hospital got the referral for another ultra sound scan on the 3/7 and still not actioned it.

My gp sent a referral to her for and urgent ct. I am now waiting for him too call me back later this afternoon too see if he can just send for ct.

I know I am young in respect too overian cancer at 31. But I've had pre cancerous cells on my cervix 4 years ago.

I can not help but worry ... loosing sleep and gernal unable too function not knowing.

Thank you for reading my rant

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  • Torapuck there is no need to apologize! Your feelings are your feelings, and here is the perfect place to express them :) You should also know that you are ALWAYS entitled to seek a second opinion or switch care providers if you're not satisfied with your care. Unfortunately, it often falls on the patient to be pushy and insistent to get what they need. That being said, it sounds like you might get your CT scan soon-- let us know what happens when your gp calls!

  • Now that was a waste of time , he said NO why are they playing Russian roulette with my health ?? Booked a face too face appointment with a different gp next week... dingiest crossed

  • I totally agree with missa13. As many of us know this type of cancer doesn't always know ages. This misconception that it only happens to ladies in their 60's has got to be erased, which makes it much harder for those of us who are younger and suffering from this disease. Hoping you GP will go ahead and get the tests you need and help you with a second opinion. Wishing you lots of success.

  • Unfortunately my gp said NO ... thankfully the surgery has serval doctors so booked a face too face appointment for Monday but another wait again

  • It's hard to understand with your family history and your current situation, that they want to take a wait and see position. I'm hoping that your appointment next Monday proves more fruitful in getting you answers.

  • Sounds to me like you need a new gyno!! We know our bodies better than anyone. Oooh that just makes me mad! Can you find a gynecological oncologist to see? I agree, this cancer knows no age, I was 36. TRUST YOUR INSTINCT! It is always better to be safe. Especially with your family history. We are here for you!

  • I would runs as fast as I could to a ONCGYN. With your family history time is of the essence. Keep us posted. We are all here for you.

    Hugs, Carol

  • Yes, you have to be your own best advocate. Get all our records together, especially scans, and get a second opinion--you can also go straight to an oncologist-gynecologist with your records.

  • I am only 33, only cancer in family was grandmother with ovarian cancer at 75. I had a cyst with an elevated ca125. They brushed it off and just removed it. Pathology report came back as stage 1 Endometroid ovarian cancer. They rushed back in and did a full hysterectomy, and broke the cyst while it was in me because they tried to remove laparoscopic. Because it broke it moved the cancer to stage 1C. I had to do 3 rounds of chemo. My latest CT scan shows no sign of cancer. Thank goodness. Be your own advocate and keep fighting until you get what you need.

  • This sounds very much like my story - my cyst was also spilt during a laporoscopy. I didn't find this out until much later though. They thought it was benign asylum Ca125 was normal. It also raised my stage from 1a to 1c. I have just completed my final cycle of chemo and I'm waiting for a ct scan on the 14th of this month to hopefully get the all clear. I'm 44 so not classed as typical by any means x

  • I hope your CT scan is clear. Such a scary feeling.

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