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Carboplatin reactions on 6th session


My concern is that there seems to be evidence of patients that get to session 6 and then have a reaction to the carboplatin. My daughter knows one person with Ovarian cancer and had this happen. I've read articles talking about reactions at sessions 7 or 8 when going thru a recurrence. Can't find the article I previously read about 6th session reactions and percentages of increased reactions.

I will be going to my 5th chemo session next Thursday. I get Gemzar day 1 and 8 (due to an anaphylaxis reaction to Taxol at 2 drops on my first session with that). I also get carboplatin on day 1 only of each session.


*Have any of you had that occur?

*Do you know others that had reactions any session time after 4 or 5 sessions?

*Where can I find the statistics and increased percentages of occurrence so I can discuss this (with the research facts) further directly with my gynecologist /oncologist rather than just her assistant doctor assigned to me?

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I had an allergic reaction to carboplatin about half-way through my 9th treatment. I was told this is more likely to happen after the 8th treatment. I think the chance is still only about 10% but I'm not sure. I am on cisplatin/gemzar now and it got my CA125 to normal. My oncology team is recommending I continue on it as "maintenance," though, so I am conrinuing. Good luck to you.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I wish you well in your continued maintenance with the Gemzar.

Thank you again for your help.

For others that may want the info I was seeking, I finally found it again here.

It is written in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. It gives great info on safety and rapid desensitization.

I was told the end treatments would be the worse,and they were!!!

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Thanks for your response. The platinum drugs seem to have an accumulating effect on a person's system. Not fun as it piles up on you. Wishing you a wonderful 2018 and a long and happy life beyond that too.


I had an anaphylactic shock with carbonon my 9th infusion. They tried to desensitise me to it but I reacted again so I’m just on taxol on its own now.

I don’t know what will be the next treatment for me for third line.



Thanks for your response. Sorry the desensitization was a no go for you within treating your recurrence, but the Taxol is supposed to be great. I wish you well.

I have overian cancer and they have cut my carboplatin down and my trexal. My platelets are low at the start on round 4 (again) and the Dr added iron. I understand that this is normal and I am not worried as long as my c125 stays on the right path. My count at the onset was 4580 and as of last week it is 24. Hang in there

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Thanks for responding. 24 is awesome!

Haven't heard about Trexal. Will have to check it out.

If you have any problems tolerating the iron, they have timed-release ones. That's the only way I could take it.

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I researched it:

Trexall (methotrexate) is an antimetabolite drug that is used to treat some cancers, severe skin diseases such as severe psoriasis, and to treat forms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Thanks. I am on the time released iron. Hopefully this helps get platelets up

I was having my treatments last session was 6.thank God I spoke up and said maybe someone should take my blood pressure my heart seems to be raising.they disconnected my IV right away.drew my blood and wouldn't let me finish my last treatment.they said if they did it could be fatal! I had to go to hospital early next morning for blood transfusion.and my white cells were Really low.i had to stay away from my follow up my dr said I see you had an reaction to the chemo.i said I didn't have a reaction.i should not been approved to be giving it with all my counts it almost took me out :( then the dr said they should of decreased the amount carbo.i was pretty scared!!!

Those kinds of reactions are really frightening! Glad they you realized something was wrong they stopped it, did transfusions and you pulled thru.

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Oh yes,i was weak but now I'm stronger

I just had my 3rd carboplatin treatment, 7th session, and I did fine. No reaction.

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