Allergic Reaction to Carboplatin

Hello Everyone!!! I received my 6th round of chemo this last tuesday. Taxol And Carboplatin. Fifteen minutes before completion, I went into anaphylactic shock. Dr. said I could not have Carboplatin again. Has anyone else experienced this and what did you use on recurrence? That's what scares me, what are my next options going to be? I have my first scan in two weeks, since debulking surgery and chemo, so I'm verrrry nervous to hear results.

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  • Hi Tereasa: I was on carbo & taxol, both the first week, taxol the second, take a week off to recover platelets, and 5 min into 3rd taxol had reaction of high blood pressure and severe muscle spasm. Oh, also tightness in chest restricting breathing. Good nurses on the spot to help me out. Took 5 weeks off [had to have tooth pulled, other issues] and just had carbo Wed. Had burning skin on face and shins[?] and it took the starch out of me for 4 days. I just rolled with it and laid around. It also destroys my appetite. I have weight to lose so not a big problem. Today I'm ready to eat.

    Its' your doctors job to figure out what to do next. It's your job to recover as best as you can. God's in charge. It will all tun out the same if you worry or not. Don't waste energy on worry.

    Many blessings to you Eileen

  • You are so right sh you say God's in charge. So don't worry. Jesus has all power in his hands. The blood of Jesus washed away all illnesses. God bless


  • Thanks Girls!!! I know this is all in Gods hands, just having a really bad day today. Very weak, bones aching, and pain in the abdomen. I have a wonderful Oncologist, and I have faith she will do everything she can for me. I just want so bad to be my normal self, and can't help worrying about what's next, when deep down I know, I don't control what's next. Your right Eileen, I shouldn't waste the energy. I need to get my big girl panties on!!!! :)

  • Hey Tereasa: I didn't mention we're human. What's normal? We all need a time out when we can feel sorry for ourselves, after all, who else will. I can do the best job of that. After all that is done, THEN it's time for the big girl panties, and only then. You go girl

    Still, many blessings Eileen

  • Hi Eileen, I sure appreciate your encouraging words!!! I feel so much better today. I laughed when you said What's normal?, My oncologist says the same thing, "take the word normal out of your vocabulary." Hope your feeling better today, Hugs! :)

  • Hi Tereasa, You are not alone in having an allergic reaction to carboplatin. And assured that there are a number of drugs out there for ovarian cancer, for example: avastin, gemzar, topotecan, as well as several PARP inhibitors. Your doctor started out with carboplatin and taxol because they are the big guns that can get the majority of us to our first remission. After that, your doctors will make their best judgement as to what your next options will be. You may be comforted by getting a second opinion. Have you had any genetic testing yet? Best wishes - Gwen

  • Hi Gwen, Thanks for the information. I have done a little research and feel better about future options. I'll also know more when I have my appointment with my oncologist in a couple weeks. I did have genetic testing, and they found nothing, so no help there. Wish you well, Tereasa

  • and we're like yoyo's, up....down.....up...down E

  • I may be wrong but cisplatin is an option or maybe it's the whole playing family. I hope there is something else like the Taxol and trail drugs New on the horizon. Never give up, lots of interesting immunotherapy, new genetic markers that have led to new drugs besides standard chemo. You are strong you're invincible you're angels are surrounding you wrapping their wings around you. Hope this helps some.


  • Thank you Honrath for your beautiful words.

  • Belsie on more thing, every one of us are different but the angels and God will guide your. doctors towards the best way to treat you

  • I had cysplatin it's a sister drug to carboplatin on my second chemotherapy with it the put it in IP, stomach. My face got hot red. They switched me to carboplatin after that. Maybe you will try cysplatin. Both are very strong chemotherapy. Best wishes hope you have better luck next time. They might just keep you on troxil

  • This is similar to how I reacted during treatment #7. I was told that a desensitization process was out there and Carboplatin could be used again at some point if needed. Currently getting Doxil, but my testing (done through Clearity Foundation) has revealed several medications that may work for me. Make sure Caris and Foundation One testing are done as well as the ones for the BRCA genes. Look into clinical trials before you really need them. Too many courses of chemo might disqualify you.

  • Thank you Quiltet for sharing your experiences and information. Wishing you well, Tereasa

  • i just had my second course of carbo/gemzar and started reacting, with slight nausea, burning in tummy, an soles of feet. hoping i can continue with more premeds. does anyone know what that usually is? someone mentioned massive does of dex the day before as well as day of treatment, sounds horrific, i hate/love that stuff, keeps me wired too much!!!!

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