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2 time cancer survivor

Hi to everyone ..

First i would like to say i am so sorry that you have to endure the life with cancer... But hey it could be worse... I am a 2 time cancer survivor... First time age 21 Stage IV ovarian cervical cancer... dang i never knew how lucky i was till around the age of 34 when i was getting new insurance at work and they told me... Young and dumb i guess i just thought oh cancer really what is that back in the day1982 the world really was not so educated... My body pretty much went back to normal i think maybe because i was not really knowing what i had over come... Me i acted like it was no big deal might have been a good thing for me as young as i was... Now later down the road i still never thought much about it and to me i was normal.. The hospital always sent me papers checking on me wanting to know what was going on with me about every 6 months... So here i am living life and i just became ill i told my doctor about what i was feeling but he was not listening... Well maybe because my Mama had just passed away from Metastatic colorectal cancer ... March 28, 2013 she was doing great and i had returned from a trip to Germany she was ill took her to the doc and they put her in the hospital she was diagnosed with Metastatic colorectal cancer ( which means it was colon cancer that has spread to the live,r lungs and blood) They gave her 2 weeks about... That was on the 21st she passed so fast i had just had her to the Doc on Dec. 8th she went to the every 3 months for a check up the Doc never found the cancer.. So i was living in Florida caring for my Mama but my home was in Germany.. After she passed i went home... So i told my Doc hey for the 3rd time over 2 months i am really sick something is really wrong.. So i think he really thought i was worried but i was and he sent me for colonoscopy... I was stressing because my brother had also had colon cancer in 2009 and had just been diagnosed Metastatic colorectal cancer my heart still not healed from the loss of my mama and now i am crushed about my brother.. They found 3 tumors and 28 polyps.. I was SCARED!!! still am... The same day they found me i had to go back to my Doc and see what he was to tell me i felt like i was being rushed... So my Doc told me i needed to go in the hospital for a resection no no no i told him over and over i can't do this right now and i need time to think about it... He responded as he handed me the paper work for admission to the hospital and said you think about this on the way to the hospital without out the surgery you only have 6 months... I had the surgery i for once in my life knew just what it was like to almost die the recover was pure hell i was in surgery for over 4 hours and i was touch and go for a couple of days... Heck i lost a whole week of life and that is scary... Along with being told i am high risk for regrowth... My brother had a hard time they started him on treatments i was so destroyed over the chemo and the everything he had to go through.. He passed July 2015..

I have to stop for a bit to much for me ...

sorry its so long...

Wishing luck and sending prayers for all...


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Hi Magy! Thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like you've been through a lot, but we're glad you found us <3


Magy, I sure hope my reply finds you feeling better and that you've had some time to absorb everything that is happening. My deepest condolences on the loss of your mom and brother. I can't even imagine that pain...and then to learn of your own health issues the way you did-your story just touches me. This might be one of the hardest things in the world to do, but try to keep the grief at as much at a distance as you can, because you need your energy and concentration on yourself at the moment. Take walks, read books you enjoy-find some ways to laugh or smile, and by all means, pamper yourself. You need strength, and whatever you have in your life that brings you strength and joy, surround yourself with it right now. You need it for the fight you have before you. I send you prayers and true, warm hopes for a better tomorrow and years of better times. ❤️




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