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Fun weekend.

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Morning, so today is my eldest child's birthday, hes 5 today. I'm a mixture of emotions, so happy to see his birthday and hoping there are many more to see. We went to Flamingoland yesterday for his birthday, he was also tall enough for a few roller coasters this year but he is definitely not an adreneline junkie like his mummy! We're also having a party in the garden on Saturday with a few school friends.

My partner finally got his provisional licence through and we got him insured last minute so he could drive so I wasn't as tired. (does anyone else get achey and sore feet-I'm on Ibrance, Anastrozole and monthly zometa and Goserline)

Anyway this is me and my eldest yesterday!

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Enjoy the party, best wishes to you both

Yes to achy sore feet. So tired of being sore in lots of places. But I am much older than you. (64) but still... I know letrozole did it's damage and I was changed to anastrozole, and I'm sure ibrance does damage too. Hang in there. 🧐🌈

Happy birthday to your LO! It is great what you are doing for his birthday. When my daughter turned 3 (last February) we went ice skating and had pizza and cake! I know what you meant, I felt good on her birthday but sad the day after ... it is hard to deal with all those mixed feelings. But here and now, we are with them and we should try to enjoy as much as possible all the moments with our wonderful kids and our loved ones. Never got achey or sore feet with Ibrance and Letrozole but body aches after Zometa.Enjoy the party !

Happy 5th Birthday to your little boy ... hope you all have a great party on Saturday ! x

He’s a handsome fella! Happy birthday! Love those smiles.

Such a wonderful both look like you are having fun!

Aw best wishes so happy you can enjoy your little boys birthday. I love flamingo land my son is 18 now but spent many a happy time there when he was younger. I live in North of England couple of hours away. I have had to switch to an automatic car as the clutch was killing my leg and back but it’s great now. Glad you got a rest from driving. Have a fab weekend hope your son has the best birthday ever.xxxDebra

Such a lovely pic. And it’s great that kids are finally getting a bit more normality in this country!

Thanks for sharing your nice photo. Love the hug he is sending. He will remember this birthday for sure.

Cheers, June S.

Beautiful photo. Sounds like a fun day!

Happy birthday sweetheart and many, many more ❤️

I am so glad everyone enjoyed his special day ! And yes from my waist down I ached and I took way too many Tylenol’s for pain . My lower back , knees and ankles were swollen and hurt to touch and almost impossible to bend . I hope you find a solution to the aches.

Happy Birthday wishes sent his way !


Wishing you many many more happy birthdays with your children!

Happy 5th Birthday little man. Glad you were all able to have fun.I have recently started getting swollen legs and feet which burn. I wear compression socks which help greatly. Try a pair of flight socks and see if it helps.

Clare x

Cute picture of you and your son. I hope you will celebrate many more birthdays with him as well. Hope the garden birthday party will be a lot of fun for your son and his friends. Take care and stay strong! Hugs

What a lovely photo of you both.! Congratulations to the birthday boy 🎉 I hope the sun shines on Saturday for the garden party. 🎉I take paracetamol for the aches and pains but I think I have a high pain threshold.

Vicki x

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes he had a great day. I see my consultant on Friday so going to mention the sore feet to her.

Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for sharing the beautiful picture!❤️

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