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Hot flashes and night sweats oh my!!

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Good morning Ladies, I am wondering what you have done to combat these terrible hot flashes and night sweats?!? It is very disruptive to my sleep since I get them every 1-2 hrs....become drenched in sweat...turn on fan....then freeze when it's finally over. I have tried black cohosh and peppermint oil...did not work. I refuse effexor- I was on it before and had nasty side effects. I have acupuncture appointment on the 29th. Just wondering if any other alternatives you have tried. Thanks 😊

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Hi Aimee

I’m not suffering as much as you but some nights I wake up drenched and it’s so uncomfortable..I sleep in a thin cotton t-shirt which is more comfy..I chuck it off if it gets too sweaty though..I usually get up for a wander but then dread getting back into sweaty sheets...ugh!!

I know if I drink alcohol it’s worse so I’ve cut down drastically..however I’ve not found a remedy so I’m no help whatsoever..I can sympathise with you though

All the best

Barb xx

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Barbteeth....that's the best part of this know exactly what I am going through!! Hugs 😀

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Horrendous isn’t it


Hi Aimee. I'm sorry I don't have any good remedies to give you but I can truly relate. I posted before that if I were looking at my night dance of hot and cold from a distance it would remind me of an Abbott and Costello comedy routine from years ago. I also am waking up every few hours every night. I am just trying to live with it. I was warned it would happen.


I wish there was something for the sweats at nite .. Always soaking with sweat and then freezing . its awful. Getting to damn old for this menpause like crap. 64 and has MBC .. Restless nervous stomach and weird feeling tru my body. Not likeing these side effects from lertroizle and Ibrance .

I empathize totally! I was spared the hot flashes through menopause but not now unfortunately. You mention you have been on Effexor before. I wonder if you were on the low dose of 37.5 mgm or were you on the higher dose. Of course we all react differently but the low dose has done a very good job for me. I still get them but they are less frequent and less severe. The only side effects was some insomnia the first 3-4 weeks and lost 10 lbs (didn’t mind that). Otherwise, I can’t say I have any other tips for you. Best of luck....

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I don't remember the dosage but it interfered with my sexual arousal....not willing to compromise on that too since I few pleasures with everything else. Lol

Don’t blame you.....sorry I can’t be of more help. At the low dose it hasn’t interfered for me. If anything I belive the aromatase inhibitors have more of an effect on sexual functioning, but of course we all respond differently to different drugs. Wishing you the best!

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Thank you! To you as well!

I am on the same drugs. I added Gabapentin at nite and it seems to help- at least for the first 4/5 hours.

How long have you had them? I had them for two weeks after I started letrozole. Then I think my body adjusted and they stopped. Good luck!

I hope some body has some ideas as I am drenched most nights and several times during the day. My pillow and sheets are always wet or damp and I have to flip my pillow and relocate my body to a dry spot. 😞

It is hard to use special medication for that especially if your cancer is +es like mine.

But I changed my diet and added lots of fresh fruits and vegetables at night and drink plenty of water and it helped me a lot

When I was on tamoxifen I had appalling night sweats and around 20 hot flushes every day. I found that changing the brand of tamoxifen and changing the time of day I took the tablets helped enormously. I don't know if that would work for other medication or if it's possible. I also carried a spray can of water and kept a sports towel in a water bottle in the fridge. You have my sympathy.

I am happy to report that Cymbalta is great for hot flashes and sweats! Only been on it for 10 days and hot flashes are very minimal now!! Plus it makes you sleepy so I take it at night and it has improved my mood and depression. So far a win-win!!

A quick google of Cymbalta says it can raise oestrogen levels. If you are ER+ is it a good idea? X

My oncologist never mentioned that!! Good thing I actually stopped taking it ...too many other side effects like involuntary jaw clenching with tension headaches and facial muscle spasms. I will take the hot flashes over that crap any day!!

Lupron finally forced me into menopause. The hot flashes felt like someone was lighting my face and neck on fire. Fast forward to now (approximately two years later, age 50) and my hot flashes are still with me though not quite as bad. I cover my pillow with a breathable cover (sometimes even a towel) for night hot flashes. Its easier to throw a towel in the wash than to change my pillow cases daily. When driving, I wear my coat backwards so I can easily remove it if a hot flash strikes. I wear mostly workout wicking clothing because I can't stand to sweat in "regular clothes". My hair is short so the back of my neck doesn't drench my hair. Fans throughout the house so I can turn one on and stand in front of it when a flash hits. In the summer, I have ice packs in the freezer that I can grab and place on my lower back. Lastly, I take Effexor 75 and 37.5.

It seems that I am an extreme case as my hot flashes are usually met with humor or a "duh, I don't know" response from doctors. I hope that yours goes away in time.

Rick Simpson Oil at night helps tremendously. If you can make it yourself from marijuana, it will ease your anxiety, help you sleep, and keep the major hot flashes away while you sleep.

Yes, I do too but when my onco started me on gabapentin which I just took one dose and my naturopath started me on curcumin less than a thousand mgs. a day only. Both seem working on body on my hot flashes. Good luck everyone.

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