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Hi ladies

I’ve been sharing about turmeric with Er+ mbc as there appears to be some advice out there to avoid it if taking Ibrance and letrazole

Well I’ve just spoken to my oncologist and she said it’s absolutely fine and helps with inflammation..the only thing to avoid is grapefruit and apparently pomegranate (damn love those)

So I trust her to give me correct info..it’s always a concern as I’m trying to help myself and I do find turmeric helps a lot with my back pain..I have extensive bone mets

Barb xx

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Hi Barb!

Thanks for asking your oncologist about turmeric. I bought a big bag of it recently, so plan to use it more. That's really annoying about grapefruit and pomegranate though. I went shopping yesterday and bought two grapefruit. But I don't want to eat anything that could interfere with Letrozole.

Thanks again!

Sophie x

Thanks for the info. I have heard a lot of good things about turmeric so am going to have to get some!!

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Hi Kim!

I made a chickpea curry recently and added lots of turmeric. It wasn't too bad!

Sophie x

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Monica77 in reply to Kimr2081

Sam's club has a 9.5 oz in a glass jar I paid $6.00

Oncologist gave you very good advice, I took Turmeric with my leterazole. Just don't take to much at once.

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Barbteeth in reply to Monica77

I think I did yesterday and my tummy retaliated

Had tender painful stomach and cramps..might be a coincidence I guess

Barb xx

Hi Barb, i've read about the counter effect of turmeric to some chemo drugs. You may refer to this Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center link mskcc.org/cancer-care/integ.... Also read somewhere that turmeric contains phytoestrogen which is not good for ER+ patients. Unfortunately i can't find the link to share with you. Can you please help check with your onco if ok for MBC patient to take this. I've given my mom curcumin supplement the last 8 months and i've stop given her. Quite worry. Hope you can help to check further. Thanks Barb.

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Barbteeth in reply to Nelsonyong


I have checked with my oncologist..that’s why I posted

I’ve looked at that link you sent me and there are some chemo drugs that interact but not the drugs I take ie Ibrance and letrazole

I’m happy to take it but obviously everyone makes their own choices

Barb XX

I was advised by my oncologist to use turmeric to ease inflammation and also if going on chemo but to check with her first. I was also told that many drugs other than cancer drugs interact with Grapefruit - so sad. I grow turmeric in the garden and harvest the tubers, grate them then freeze - it apparently keeps well for a couple of months like that. The herbalist who sold it to me also said use the grated stuff on salad or in curries etc but always add black pepper or cayenne and, even better, let it steep in a little olive or coconut oil and use the yellow oil.

Good luck

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I do add black pepper to mine but never thought about putting it in oil..wonderful tip thank you

Barb xx

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