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Ibrance not working


So I got the results of my scans today and the cancer has not spread out of lymph nodes or chest wall but the lymph nodes are getting larger and more are involved. I see my oncologist on Monday to divise our next plan of action. She is talking IV chemo. I saw her NP today as she had to go out of town unexpectedly. Sucks having to stress over it all weekend. Hope this next treatment works. As long as it works I can deal with the side effects. Been there done that before and I survived. I will this time too I have an 8 year old love of life that depends on me and I have no plans of leaving her.

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Hi Hbryan,

I am sorry you have to go thru this. Your daughter radiates happiness, and is surely inspiration to deal with whatever treatment is next. I don't have any clinical insights for you, but I wanted you to know I am thinking about you. My scans recently also showed no new lesions, but some "waking up" and a lymph node getting slightly larger. It takes a lot of energy to keep upbeat and get thru these episodes. Hoping your next step in treatment brings good news with your next scans.

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Thank you.

You and your beautiful 8 yr old are the picture of happiness and love. I wish the best for you.

My onc has taken me off of Ibrance also after 6 months on it. Cancer spread to sacrum and more spots on my spine. He is putting me on Eribulin which is an infusion drug. Not as harsh as my first, long chemo treatment that we are all familiar with.

30 minute infusion on day 1 and day 8 of a 21 day. I can deal with that!

My onc said this drug works very well for patients that don't do well on Ibrance.

I thought he might go to verzinio, but I think he wants to go with infusions.

Please let me know what your onc's plan is for you when you find out. I know the waiting is torture.

Janine in SE Louisiana

It is so hard not to worry but you have a powerful incentive to keep fighting and I'm sending strength, hope and hugs. You will prevail!!!

God bless you, Hbryan! And may He shine His healing light on you throughout your next treatment period--and provide strength to deal with any side effects. That little 8-year old is ADORABLE!! XO LINDA

Wow, I hope they figure it out soon. Are you taking anything with the Ibrance? I get Faslodex injections as well as the Ibrance. I’ve heard of others combos.

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Letrozole and lupron.

Wow, I know this is hard, but there always seems to be another drug to try. I’ve heard they can take dna from a tumor and match it to other tumors with the same dna and zero in faster on which protocol to try next. Talk to your team.

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I had the DNA testing done when they biopsied the lymph nodes. So hopefully they have a good plan in mind. Thanks for your support.


Well I am leaving in 10 minutes to go find out what my new treatment plan is. Gotta say I am scared. I have cried a lot this weekend but I know I have to do this Wish me luck.

We are all sending you positive energy. Good luck, and keep us posted. You have so much to live for, so keep that first and foremost. There are always more drugs on the horizon. Keep the faith...

What do all of you do to stsy positive! I'm getting depressed

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