Taxol not working....continue

I am having back pain which was the pain that initially took me to the onc. I think this is because I have not had chemo for three weeks and the cancer in my lymph nodes is no longer suppressed. I have informed my onc of the pain and see him on Monday. Hopefully I will have a chemo treatment and the pain will eventually subside. He said my scans looked good in this area but I guess thinks can change quickly.

Thank you for your support!

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  • Barbara-Aschner, sorry to hear you're in such pain... let us know what your oncologist says on Monday

  • I hope you gdt to the bottim of this and your pain goes away

  • Thank you very much! Have a nice weekend.

  • Hang in here Your doctor probably knows best that there is no more cancer there since your scans look good Three week is a pretty short period of time for cancer to pop up. Sometimes the pain such as you are experiences is not due to cancer but due to other reasons, i.e. arthritis.

    Best of luck on Monday Hoping that you find relief soon

  • Thank you Daf. It's the same pain that took me to the onc to begin with and my arm pit is sensitive so it seems to involve my lymph nodes.

    I am looking forward to hearing what onc has to say in Monday.

    I read back on your posts and thank you for your volunteer work for metastatic cancer, especially for women on color as there is such a need there.

    May we all feel each other's support as we live with this diagnosis.

    I appreciate you reaching out to me. .

  • I hope the pain is not from anything more than the Tamoxifen and that your mets are shrinking. If it is the med maybe the dose can be lowered or changed. Best of luck.

  • Thank you.

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