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Hospitized for UTI infection - Palbociclib

Has anyone had issues with UTI infections that resulted in hospitalization while taking Palbociclib in the first 6 months? I was in the hospital room for 5 days last week and I’m still really sick. The antibiotics do not seem to be working.

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Oh crap! I am prone to uti’s since I had bladder surgery about 5 years ago. Now I’m reluctant to Take baths or have intercourse for fear of what just happened to you!!


I was swimming and going to water aerobics at my gyms pool and had my uterus scraped for a biopsy.

Apparently, their are seven days on each cycle that we can have dental work, biopsies, etc. Please work with your doctor To ensure you know the days that these things can be done. I have chemo brain and issues with executive thinking from radiation, chemo angle medications and was unable to remember or think on my tippy toes.

My OBGYN recommends that we be proactive in preventing UTI’s by taking 2 grams D-mannose and an oral probiotic genital health. She prefers the brand Jarro-dophilus.

She also recommends drinking lots of water.

Personally, I would not give up sex. However, I would limit my baths and make sure the tub was sparkling white!

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I love your OB - d mannose is the BEST. But now I understand why you got the infection. Any time I have had do anything there I got infections!


No but I was curious if they had you stop taking Ibrance while in antibiotics? I had a cold 17 days ago. The first day 100 fever so oncologist said I should go to urgent care. All labs and X-rays were good. The dr prescribed me augmentin as precaution. I called my oncologist and he said to discontinue Ibrance for two weeks since I had to take antibiotics 10 days.

I’m a little stubborn and chose to skip antibiotics. I preferred to keep taking Ibrance. Although if it was a UTI, I definitely would have taken the antibiotics.

Hope you’re doing better and out of hospital soon.


You are so sweet! The protocol requires stopping Palbociclib while on antibotics. This also gives your body a change to increase WBC and heal. Therefore, I’m not taking it right now. My antibiotics end next Monday. Appt with oncologist on Tuesday to receive direction.


I hope you feel better soon!


It was just a 7 day cold. Normal. But it’s only the second cold I’ve had in like 15 years. My last cold was February 2016 - 2 months before stage 2 dx. This one came about 5 months after stage 4 dx.



You blessed. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!😉


I've numerous episodes of symptoms of a uti, but culture never grew any specific bacteria. Urologist finally diagnosed me with bladder spasms and an cystitis.

I have an RX for Urogesic Blue for symptoms. Avoid caffeine. Lots of water.

Started Ibrance and faslodex 6 mons ago. It's really a toss up about which one is causing problem.

Good luck!


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