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June 13, 2018-How is everyone


How is everyone? I meant to check in earlier. I am going ahead and try the alternative treatment but combining it with what I am already taking (Afinitor & exemestane). I am going with a friend who knows the area. It will be at biomedical center in Tijuana, Mexico. It is a short trip, going there Thursday, returning home to California Saturday evening. A friend knows a translator whose dad had treatment there, it helped him. There are no guarantees for any clinic or hospital but it is worth a try.

I am working part-time, hope to feel well enough to work more.

Last Sunday I had some chicken noodle tortilla soup. It was spicy, I coughed a lot. Then my back felt sore. it feels better now. I am hoping it is just sore muscles. No more spicy things for me (smile).

I will be praying for us here.

Blessings, Sue

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What is the treatment they are going to do?

Good luck Sue!

Hope they give u some advice that u could continue at home....😀 Pet is know what they say...

Prayers for your trip! 🙏🏻💕


Good luck with your visit!

Be aware that you could be having gallbladder symptoms with the back pain after eating spicey soup. I had shoulder blade pain for months and found out it was my 10% working gallbladder.

I am in a remission period right now. My lung met went dormant in january. Hoping it lasts for a long time!

Take care


Hip hip hooray sister/warrior that is celebratory news. Dance clap and, shout like no ones watching XoXoXo I pray you will have many many more weeks, months, and years of NED. Joy, Joy, J-O-Y

Thank you!!!!!

Good morning from Seattle, Sue! I'll be thinking of you over the next few days and hope you find an alternative treatment to describe. You are an inspiration for your courage and spirit! God bless you! XO Linda

Prayers and luck for you

Travel mercies Sister/Warrior. I hope this trip will answer your prayers. XoXoXo

Wishing you all the best, Sue! I've been thinking about trying this type of alternative/combo, as well....

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