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When liver enzymes elevate???

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I was diagnosed last July with Met Breast Cancer of the Liver. I have been taking IBrance and Letrozole since August. The lastest MRI in November showed some improvement. My latest labs in December showed some increase in my liver enzymes. Now I'm afraid the drugs are not working. I'm up and moving daily, working, jogging 3 - 5 miles 4 days a week. so far my quality of life is great. I've been praying that there is another drug to take in case my current regime proves to not be working. And I hope for a drug that allows my to continue enjoying this wonderful world. If the enzymes don't improve in 6 weeks I will have an MRI. The stress and the waiting is awful. Prayers for everyone who is suffering.

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Hello, I was diagnosed in Feb 2017, 2 tumors in spine and 6 lesions in my live.. 4 rounds IV chemo. I am currently on my 8 round on Ibrance and lets.. i have been NED since August. My November labs showed elevated liver enzymes! I got a little concerned....even though my doc said he was not. Good news....my dec liver enzyme labs came back down to normal. It is hard not to be concerned.....but give it a month. Good news is you are felling well.

You are in my prayers

thank you

I hear you, about the stress and the waiting. I will pray for myself and everyone here. The challenge is to learn to release our stress on a daily basis (thru yoga, exercise, whatever works), live our lives the best way we can. Some of us are living very well, others are struggling with our quality of life some. Prayers and hugs go out to all.

Keep being positive and always hopeful!! There r new treatments out all the time and many have been living with Mets a long time and still managing to enjoy their new normal life. Stay positive!!!

Prayers for you too. I have a similar situation and started Ibrance and Letrozole in September. My tumor markers were down when tested in November which my doctor said was good news. We are waiting until February or March for scans so praying they show improvement also. Like you, I am feeling good. I work full time and work out 3 days a week. My best to you and I agree the waiting is almost worst.

it sounds like we are on a similar track. I have two oncologists one close to home and one at Oregon Health Sciences University about 3 hours away. Just keeping up with life and wondering, should I buy a new couch...?, how long will I get to enjoy it? It's a very odd feeling. Trying to stay focused on today. I am feeling good.

Trust me, I get that feeling. When i first found out I freaked because my youngest son is getting married in April and of course want to be there. And I also wanted a different car and thought really, how long will I be able to enjoy it. But you know what...I say go for that new couch. I tell myself that I will control what I can, what i eat, how much exercise I get and how much sleep I get. The rest is up to someone else and we could die of a heart attack tomorrow. I know it sounds sappy, but I just try and be grateful for everyday - good, bad or indifferent and really try not to sweat the small stuff. Stay Strong!!

I've had this happen several times in the years I've been dealing with mbc. Any uptick like this is just something to watch and often will be normal at next test. This blasted cancer sensitizes us to every little bodily change, everything seen thru the lens of cancer and leading to worry. Hopefully it will be nothing. When I had my second opinion appt with a big deal bc specialist, one thing she said that stuck with me was that when Femara (Letrozole) works, it usually works for years not months. The fact that you have good QOL is also hopeful! My onc pays most attention to how I am feeling. Being as active as you are, is really good news in terms of how you are doing. This diagnosis is a huge thing to get used to, but it does tend to get easier after the first year or so.

great to hear! thank you so much!

Sounds like you are doing great! Hang in there. Praying for you!

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