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Originally diagnosed in 2013. Stage 4 in July 2017. I am in Ibrance, Femara, Faslodex and Xgeva. In my 3rd cycle. A Dr doing a bone biopsy fractured my thigh so I had to have a hip replaced. They wanted to do 5 treatments of radiation because the ball sits on a hip joint that has cancer. I was told I wouldn't notice I had the radiation. First night I was dragging my foot. Radiologist said flare pain.

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  • Oh my. How tragic that they broke you hip. Prayers coming your way. I have no idea about the radiation problems. I've had tons of radiation, but all to my chest and spine with relatively minor side effects.

  • Thank you for the prayers.

  • I am sorry you are going through all of this. Having a hip replaced is sometimes a part of the trial. The bones get brittle and eaten away and if it wasn't the biopsy, it would have been something else that 'caused' the fracture. In reality, it is the cancer that weakens the bone that makes it susceptible to finally fracturing. So be kind to your Doctor. 'Cancer is the nasty perpetrator.'

  • My Oncologist is the one that investigated and told me the biopsy Dr did it. The fracture was exactly where the biopsy was done.

  • Greetings: Sister/warrior/Selmac I feel your pain, and I pray for God to make you one of

    many restoration miracles. I don't want to re-iterate my journey ,but suffice to say that two

    doctors who definitely could have contributed to my physical death. Doctor/God saw

    everything they had done wrong in reference to my care ,and made everything right. Dr/God

    definitively over rode their incompetent actions ,and this is why I am alive and, talking to you

    through my keyboard. By worldly medical statistics ,I should not be here in this physical

    body. I am one of Dr/God's miracles. By God's grace and, mercy I am not 6 feet under, or

    ashes in an urn on a loved ones mantle . I pray that when I leave this physical body I will

    meet God in heaven, but I am not trying to rush my heavenly destiny. I am very much alive

    and grateful to be living laughing and loving life, with no evidence of disease in my body. I

    pray this same outcome for you, and my sisters/warriors and their loved ones faced with the

    challenges of this disease. What doesn't break us will only make us stronger.Praise, Pray and

    fight for your life Amen!. XoXoXo

  • I pray every day and have a wonderful relationship with my heavenly Father. I do believe in miracles and am praying for one. I also pray for people facing this horrible disease every day. So happy you are doing well. God Bless

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