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Hello, my most recent scans showed progression in my liver and I find out Friday my next treatment options.

I have now gone through two chemos, taxol and Eribulin since diagnosis in July 2016. In both instances my situation improved with chemo but the liver only progressed

I am told that there are other chemos to try and am trying to be optimistic and staying in touch with God for strength.

Prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated!

Thank you,


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  • Barbara,

    I am keeping you in my prayers that a good treatment plan will be recommended for you.

    Prayers are powerful. Give all of this burden and worry over to God who said that if called upon, he'd help us in our times of distress.

    I'm wondering if some type of radiation would be considered for your liver? Your Oncologist needs to discuss with you all the options that are out there. And there are new ones coming along all the time!

    So stay positive, say your prayers every night and morning, and ask God to give your physicians the knowledge necessary to treat your condition with the right medicines or other treatment.

    Wishing you well and will keep you in my prayers!


  • Stay positive I know how hard this is I am on my 5th chemo and really struggling with it I am on Halaven now cea level went down but it had done this on the past all we can do is thank god for everyday we have this horrible disease we have no control over can only stay positive and hope for the best

  • thank you, I am told that there are many more options and I feel pretty good so, as you say, we can thank God for everyday we have. I am trying to enjoy life and not dwell on my disease. Your reply gives me encouragement. Thank you.

  • Kats3 - I surrender myself to God and place my anxiety with him. His word says to not be anxious about anything, but to pray and place everything in his hands. I try to remember this as much as I can but sometimes I take back the fear and anxiety of having this disease.

    I am able to work and it has been a blessing for me. It keeps my mind occupied and I have many caring coworkers that support me.

    I meet with my oncologist tomorrow and will ask about a liver procedure. He is a research doctor too and supposed to be up on any and all of my options.

    I appreciate the prayer suggesting regarding my physicians. I WILL do that immediately and thank you very much for keeping me in your prayers.

  • Barbara,

    I'm sorry to hear this news and praying that a good treatment will be available. Are you able to try any interventional radiology procedure,s as well as radiation of the liver?

    Here is a 6-minute video about IR procedures, which like radiation are minimally invasive and freeze, burn, microwave and shock the tumor with electrical currents. I used radiofrequency ablation (RFA) to burn one of my lung tumors.

    See the video on leading-edge guided techniques at the bottom of the page:

    Sending you many hugs.


  • Hi Joan, I remember having this discussion the last time I had progression and I will certainly discuss with my oncologist tomorrow. I hope that something like this is an option for me as the chemo has kept my other areas of involvement, lymph nodes and lung, in check (I also have bone metastasis, but I understand that the other drug ,xgeva, receive is what is addressing my bone issues) but my liver has progressed twice now in under a year - I was diagnosed late July 2016.

    I appreciate your response Joan and thank you for the hugs. I am so grateful to SHARE for their various types of support!

  • Hi Barbara,

    I hope that you had a productive meeting with your oncologist and left feeling informed and encouraged.

    I was diagnosed with early stage in 2010 and then with metastatic disease (bones, lymph nodes, lung nodules) in 2011. In 2014, it spread to the liver, and I've done a couple of clinical trial treatment medications (responded to one called ARN-810), as well as Xeloda, Ibrance + Letrozole, Halivan, and Gemciteabine. The disease had progressed on all those, but was slowed down by the clinical trial medication and Xeloda.

    I had also considered doing an interventional radiology procedure (ablation) in December, but my oncologist wanted to see if chemo might work before doing IR. Things had gotten scary in the liver last year with my tumor marker levels going way up and how much the disease was overtaking the liver. However, I started Docetaxol, Carboplatin, and Herceptin in November last year and my tumor markers have gone way down and my last two quarterly PET scans have shown a decrease in disease in all organs--especially the liver. I also wanted to note that during all this, my liver panel/bloodwork was elevated, but still was functioning normally. This treatment regimen is no picnic and probably the hardest one I've done, but I feel encouraged and heartened that it's working!

    Thinking of you and wishing you the very best!


  • Annie, thank you for providing information on your treatment; it is very hopeful for me to see that even though you have also had progression, especially in the liver, that there options that have been successful for you. I really appreciate your response.

  • Prayers sweet warrior. God is in control. Be patient and persistent. I went through Taxol, Gemzar and Taxotere before much progress was made. I'm having much better days and you will to.

  • He is in control! I must remember that and he is love. He will see us through.

    Your message gives me relief and hope. Thank you so much ❤️

  • Barbara,

    How did your doctor visit go? Kats3

  • Hello,

    I went to the doctor's on Friday and he is going to start me on Xeloda this week. I am leaving for the beach for a week, so was very happy, if somewhat apprehensive, to start on a pill chemo. We have been planning this trip with my adult children for months. We have not been on vacation with them since they were teenagers!

    He said that I do not have a lot of cancer, as the lesions in my tumor are small and the liver is the primary location of the cancer. I also have some cancer in the chest area, but my lung mets have been cleared up since my first treatment of Taxol.

    As I have said before I am in a tough spot as I am estrogen positive, but this diagnosis, only slightly positive. But, this excludes me from triple negative trials and would treatments that address the estrogen be of any value to me?

    Dr. Brufsky said we will do a liver biopsy in July and Foundation testing. If any receptors changed, this will of course affect my treatment options. Therefore, I am excited to have these tests as they may options for me.

    Guardant360 test must have not included anything worthwhile, as even though he had the test results he did not talk about them. (I will get a copy of the results.)

    IR procedure for the liver - when I asked about this he said that it is something that we could talk about down the road; however, I wonder if I would not be a candidate as I have so many lesions in my liver.

    I feel very positive about my oncologist's approach to addressing my cancer.

    In summary, I am glad to have a game-plan but discouraged that two chemos failed me in 10 months.

    I will continue on this roller coaster ride of metastatic cancer BUT plan to have an excellent time at the beach.

    God is with me always; he never changes and is steadfast. I believe He wants me to live my life as fully as possible and He will provide me with courage and security to do so!

    Thank you for the prayers, thoughts and support. It means so very much to me.


  • Barbara,

    I'm so happy that you have a game plan and that your Oncologist is on top of things! You're in good hands.

    Yes, enjoy your time at the beach! You certainly deserve a break from all the medical stuff.

    Keep us posted. Happy beach time! Kats3

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