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My trip to the FDA to speak on behalf of neratinib

My trip to Silver Spring, MD to the FDA was exciting, interesting, fun and certainly successful! Puma Biotechnology flew eleven of to speak on behalf of neratinib at the ODAC hearing and the vote was 12 yes, 4 no! Here's the article in Forbes. If you click on the blog that is attached and scroll down to mid-morning, I am speaker #5.

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Thanks so much for sharing Interesting article It gives one some insight as to how drugs are approved

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Great news!!!


That is great! I am starting neratinib now. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. :)


The diarrhea has been the only side effect. As you know everyone reacts to drugs differently, but I've been able to control it with over the counter medicine. Hopefully you will have the same good luck. I've been on it for 16 months now though compassionate use and feel great!


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