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Trip of my dreams


I always dreamed of a trip to Italy after retiring. Though I left work a year and a half sooner than planned due to my MBC diagnosis, I officially retired in March this year. I began planning my trip to Italy. Left 11/3 and saw Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Venice and Tuscany! The flights to and fro were the worst but the rest was wonderful! Returned 11/24 and still recuperating. Went for labs and they’re good. Getting my monthly injection today and starting next cycle of Ibrance (#18). Now it’s time to start planning my next adventure! I will continue to fight this disease and live life to the fullest as long as I’m able. Stay strong and fight fight fight everyone!

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Beautiful. I’m planning my next adventur. Scotland. will love Scotland..when I was a little girl we went a lot as lived near Newcastle

I’m planning a trip to Aberdeen soon as my auntie has just moved up there

Take wellies a mac and anti midge spray though!!.. those beasties bite

Barb xx

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You will love Scotland - so much history and such beautiful misty days (midges and rain not withstanding)

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The more I learn about Scotland, the more I think I have found that magical place. Wish I could say I’m Scots.

Hi there

Italy is my favourite place ever..went to Lucca with family in May and Rome September..bit easier to pop over living in’s mood lifting going to see new things and getting away from the endless tests/scans pleased you had fun!

I’m on Ibrance and letrazole like you and hoping it keeps the bad boy away for ever

Barb xx


Thanks, Barb. A dream of mine has been to go to The Hebrides. While I am not going to all, will travel to Mull, Iona and Skye. Also going north to Orkney. I have heard such amazing things about Scotland, I hope to come back to see Lewis, Harris and some of the other Isles. Will have a few days in Edinburgh. After Scotland we will spend a few days in London and head down to Hastings to visit friends. The best scallops I ever had came fresh out of the English Channel. Traveling has kept me sane. I love planning it and reading up on all these wonderful places. I will bring something for the midges. I’m lucky to be able to do this.

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Have a lovely time in the UK, Nrocks. Scotland is amazing. I haven't been to the Hebrides, but I have visited Edinburgh (you must visit the castle!) Jedburgh and Glenkinchie. Hastings is lovely too. My oldest brother used to live near there. There is a lot to see and do in London, so your best bet is to have a plan of exactly what you want to do while you are there (West End show, Tower of London, British Museum, etc) so you can make the most of your trip. x

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Hi Soph,

I have been to London once before, and saw some of the famous sites. I want to explore the East End. There is an "Eating London" tour that goes through there and a Jack the Ripper tour (unfortunately I have a macabre side). I am a big BBC fan and a nurse, so want to see The London Hospital and where "Call the Midwife" was filmed. I know it has all changed, but still want to see the Docklands. What I love about the European cities I've been to is that you can see the sky. I grew up in and around NYC. Sadly,the sky is often missing behind massive concrete and glass. So many lovely parks and squares in London. I will work on a plan to maximize my time. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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Hi Nstonerocks,

I have a cousin who lives in the East End (Walthamstow) but other than going down there to visit a few years ago I haven't seen much of that part of London. When I go down there, I tend to visit the sites. One of my favourites is the British Museum and I also like the Tower of London. Have you been to either of those sites? I love open air markets, which there are a lot of in London, so that might be of interest to you. To be honest, I prefer the clear skies we have here in Suffolk. We see a lot of the stars at night here.

I am a big fan of Call the Midwife too. I wonder if nursing and midwifery was really like that in the 1950s and 1960s? I suppose the prevailing view was that fathers were kept outside during labour and delivery, which seems so alien to me! But I love how tight knit communities were back then when everyone knew their neighbour.

Sophie x

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Hi Sophie,

I read the book (Call the Midwife). I think there was a very strong tradition of midwifery in Britain, especially for the lower classes. In the 70s and 80s here it took off and became popular for all classes. I have been to the Tower. Sad how Anne Boleyn ended her days there and is interred in the chapel with several others. Lots of tales about what happened in the Tower. I love the stories behind the sites. The British Museum was packed when I went, barely made it to the Rosetta Stone. The Egyptology area was impossible, so headed upstairs to Anglo Saxon/Celtic Britain. This time I am staying alongside the Thames, and look forward to walking back and forth over the bridges. My husband is out of work, so this might be one of our last forays across the pond. It's been grand. I am really looking forward to Summer. Fingers crossed my health holds out.

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Hi Nrocks,

That's interesting! All I know about midwifery is what I have seen on TV, as I have never had any children of my own. I'm sure the profession must have changed when the NHS was born in 1948, as healthcare then became free for all.

Yes, it is sad how Anne Boleyn and others were executed at the Tower of London. She was always my favourite wife of Henry VIII, but to be honest I feel sorry for all of them! It must have been quite a challenge being married to such a man. I think Anne of Cleves was probably the most fortunate, as she was treated with a lot of respect after she agreed to a divorce from the king and was set up for the rest of her life.

It's so good to have this holiday to look forward to. Let's hope that your current good health continues and that you and your husband have a lovely time over here.

Sophie x

Good for you for fullfilling your dream! Beautiful!

Hi Mariootsi,

If this miserable illness has taught me anything, it is to maximize the joy in my life. Before anyone mistakes me for a wise woman, let me just say I struggle with this, as I am not naturally calm and positive. I rely on more saintly and wise persons to help ground me (Pema Chodron, Tara Brach, my oncologist...). Left to my own devices I would chase my tail in circles before collapsing in a heap. It would take me a while to realize this isn't working for me, which is basically what has happened with this disease. I don't have forever, but I never did. Who knew (kind of only kidding)!

You are absolutely right! We do have to maximize joy in our life! But you really are a wise woman for sure! Love, Marianne


I'm glad you had a lovely time in Italy. It's a beautiful country. Making memories is wonderful, isn't it? x

I'm so happy for you! Gosh, that sounds just wonderful, I can only imagine how well you ate!! And you remind me that I need to plan some fun travel, too, it's been too long!

Wonderful! I've been fortunate and traveled quite a bit. With my mbc came a blood clot, so traveling was out for a while. But my onc gave me the green light, so I'm cautiously planning to travel again.

I'm so happy you saw's the place my husband and I met and fell in love :) (we're now separated but on very good terms).

thanks for sharing that encouraging news!

so glad you are traveling - I am retiring in 2 weeks and thought I would have this wonderful retirement - then boom! Metastatic breast cancer...I spent a month thinking my great retirement was over - but after reading your text and others I feel like I might just kick this damn thing - at least tamp it down so I can travel like I had planned - have a house rented in Todi north of Rome for May and am not cancelling it. Onward!

Traveling has helped save my sanity and keeps me motivated. I hope you do get to Rome, and then see where else you want to go. I am older and the Ibrance takes a toll, but I pace myself and can do most things. On a recent Rick Steves tour of Ireland, I did pass up several activities that included lots of climbing and hiking. Still glad I went and enjoyed everything I did do. Glad you are making plans.

Amazing! Good for you. We did Italy 2 yrs ago, did Greece recently. Planning the next big one. Need things to look forward to b

That's a wonderful photo of Venice! I loved Italy when I was there a long time ago! We traveled by train and on the trip from Pisa to Rome, there was a group of Roman police officers on their way home from a training camp and they hadn't seen a woman in five days, lol! I thought they must have had to pass a "handsome" test to get their jobs! The best looking man I ever dated was Italian, and these guys were as good looking. All the women in our group really enjoyed chatting with them, lol! But Rome was even much history there! We stayed in a hotel on the road that leads up to St. Peter's and found out that the hotel had originally been build as a convent. The city we visited that I most enjoyed was Florence, though. The art there was overwhelming! I bought a vase in Venice, hoping it would become a family heirloom! It's about 18 inches high and the glass kind of twists around the vase and is beautiful. It was near the end of the trip and I still had some spending money left. I talked so much about how much I loved Italy that my daughter and her husband honey mooned there and they loved it, too. I have been fortunate to have traveled to Europe three times.. My husband and I honey mooned in England--a week in London and then rented a car and drove north, stayed in York for a few nights and took day trips from there. I joked that I wasn't sure our marriage was going to survive the first round about with everything on the opp! But actually, my husband did quite well. I'm 1/4 English with parents who were each 1/4 English. Wish I still felt up to traveling, but I don't. The thought of long hours in a car, train or plane sounds just miserable to me right now. Cancer takes so much from us, but not the memories of the best times.

SophSP in reply to PJBinMI

I'm glad you had a good honeymoon in the UK! On my recent trip to Switzerland I had to get used to our bus drivers taking roundabouts from the right and looking the other way when crossing the road. It always takes me a day or so to switch from the left to the right! I remember one time we were visiting my in-laws in America and my husband accidentally started driving on the left. It was only for a split second, and he quickly switched to the right! As you are part English, do you have any family over here? Did you get to visit them? x

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Great story. You’re right...cancer can’t take the memories away!

Good for you!! Yes, Italy is my favorite as well. The Italians love us, unusual as that is these days!! Everything is perfect there for travel. I am happy that you did this and planning your next adventure is very important. You go girl!!

Wonderful that you enjoyed God bless you

Thanks for sharing. It’s inspirational

Awesome. I went to Italy when I was a kid and still remember how beautiful it was. Glad you had a great time. It;s good for the soul!!

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I love your attitude, I wish I was able to retire, but financial issues still have me working 40 hrs a week. But I still trips!!!

Me too. Full time, no end in sight, still planning travel for this Summer. Have to have a dream! I think dealing with this makes it more important to have a dream, even if it's a trip to Starbucks with a good book. Well, that might not be everyone's dream, but I love reading, coffee (or tea) and staring out at the trees. Music doesn't hurt.


Wonderful to hear how much you enjoyed it. I have just returned from our regular Kruger Park camping trip where it was so very hot (over 40C) and they desperately need rain. However we managed to see the beginning of the impala lambing season - new leggy babies appearing everywhere. It is always a reaffirmation that no matter how bad things get new life is coming. And the lazy tree-lolling leopards always explain clearly how important good rest is! Luckily we live near the park because it is always a mentally refreshing trip - even if we have taken a week to get rehydrated!

Enjoy the planning and execution of your next adventure

Greetings: Sister/warrior great to hear you are living, laughing, and loving your life.

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