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Metastatic LBC to perotineum - anyone else?

Metastatic LBC to perotineum - anyone else?

I am new! But not new to breast cancer. I was 1st dx in 2000 with stage IIIa Lobular Breast Cancer. Bilateral mastectomy, chemo, radiation, oophorectomy, reconstruction, hormonal combos. Over the last 2.5 years CA 27/29 continually rising. Went on ibrance & faslodex for a year,no decrease but no sign of mets. Changed onc 2 months ago and now going into NYC to Sloan Kettering. Baseline CT last month shows likely ILBC in the peritoneal cavity. I do not know what treatments may be available to me and can't discuss until after 2nd CT in June. I would like to connect with others who are dealing with Metastasis to that area (outside stomach lining, peritoneum, outside bowel, etc.).

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Hi Kimlane,

I have ILBC too with mets to my bones and tumor markers rising. Am on Xeloda but may get switched soon to Affinator + Aromasin.

Reading others' posts, those with your mets go through many drug protocols and it seems that IV Abraxane is helping a lot. You'll have to see what's recommended for you. There are lots of therapies out there. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. That's the puzzling part. But pray and have faith that you'll get the right treatment for you and that you'll be on the road to recovery!

Best wishes. Kats2

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