I have been stage 4 breast cancer for a little over a year, my past few scans have shown a cyst on my ovary, then send for MRI which classified it as a "complex" cyst, last cat scan classified it as a "suspicious" mass, too make a long story short they have decided to take out my ovaries next week, but they wont know if its cancer until they get it biopsied, so i wont know until i wake up if i have ovarian cancer too. The cyst is 6cm which is rather large, I am so worried sick about this, I cant imagine having to be treated for 2 types of cancer, I am presently on Ibrance and faslodex for b.c. in my lymph nodes in my neck and chest wall, my b.c. is estrogen related thats what the faslodex shots are for, to block the estrogen. Has anyone else had anything similar to this happen to them?

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  • Hi tessibop2002,

    I haven't had ovary problems but can really sympathize with you. All this worry and anticipation!

    It's good that the ovaries are coming out. They say that it's a simple operation...same-day surgery. Think positive that this is a benign cyst. If it isn't, perhaps you'll take the same meds and maybe have radiation to the area. Don't give up the ship! There's always hope that this too will be handled with great care.

    I will say prayers for you that all goes well next week. Let us know how you make out. Kats2

  • Thank you so much!! <3

  • Praying for you that it is not cancer. But if it should be, we will be here to support you all the way. God Bless you my pink sister.

  • It ended up being breast cancer tissue, better then it being ovarian cancer, my oncologist will now have to switch my treatment, I had been on Ibrance and faslodex for the past 13 months

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