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Hi there. I am new to the site. diagnosed with liver metastases from breast cancer in 2014 and after some success on Letrozole which stopped last year am now on xeloda 2500g/day with some success in shrinking liver lesion. However in spite if clear bone scan and only the liver lesion showing up much smaller my CEA continues to rise. Anyone else in this odd situation?

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I have mets to the lymph nodes in my neck and on my chest wall, been on Ibrance and faslodex for almost a year, my cea was staying around 6.4, all my pet scans have been good and show shrinkage and improvement, last month he told me my numbers jumped to 11, right after I had pet scan, I was so shocked and asked him why, he said, dont worry about it, we have your pet scan you just had done right here. I still dont like it, but he said we dont go by just the numbers, but i still dont understand why my jumped so much after such a good scan.


My ca125 has dropped consistently from 68 to 21 but the CEA has risen from 51 to 95 over the past 5 months in spite of the fact that the liver met has decreased by more than half and CAT and nuclear bone scans show nothing other than the shrinking liver met. I am not really comfortable with this but my oncologist says "the eyes are more reliable than the markers" She seems to think it is showing the presence of some inflammation but where??? I do have very sore ankles - ?arthritic? but nothing else so I just keep hoping she is right.


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