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I have tcbc mets to lung. Just had right lobe removed 3 weeks ago. 2011 diagnoised stage 2 invasive ductal on right. Left stage 0 . Bilateral masectomy and 6 rounds of taxol. Mets in 2014 to lung surgery. 2016 scan showed tumor grew back same place. When to clinicin in mexico for treatments. Tumor tripled in size from july to feb. Dont want chemo again it was hell.

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  • Patty,

    Sorry to hear about all you've gone through. Have you discussed radiation of your lung with your Oncologist? That might help, especially if you don't want to go the chemo route. At this point though, I think I'd get more opinions on what your options are. Try to go to a center that deals a lot with breast cancer. I just got a 3rd outside opinion yesterday at a reputable place. The consulting Oncologist is going to present my case to a panel of doctors to get their input on my situation. I really like that idea!

    Also she's ordered new scans for me which I'll undergo next week. She's going to get in touch with my Oncologist with the information that comes from her, the other doctors, and my new scans and tumor markers. She's extremely thorough and has different ideas as to what medicines I should be on.

    Get some outside opinions. What have you got to lose? We need to be our own best advocate.

    Wishing you well and better days ahead! Kats3

  • Welcome to our community

    Sorry to here that your treatment has been so frustrating. Radiation might be a good alternative. Also now might be a good time to look into clinical trails.

    Please keep us posted with new on whatever you decide stay in touch and let us know how you are doing

  • Bless your heart

  • Patty, I had a lung wedge resection in 2007, and a tumor grew back right near that area of the lung a year later. To treat it, I did radiofrequency ablation, which is burning the tumor with radiofrequency waves. That procedure and others like it such as microwave ablation, cryoablation (freezing) and electroporation or the NanoKnife (electrical currents) are preformed by interventional radiology departments. These procedures can also be done in the liver in lieu of surgery and radiation. And they don't have an upper dosage limit, like radiation. The tumor has never grown back. Joan

  • Not a fan of radiation

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