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My tumor markers went down to 145... and then back up to 212, which was where they were when I started my Naturopathic therapy. I refuse to let a number have control over my life so am continuing with my chosen treatment. I see my Oncologist tomorrow and he will likely try to change my mind but I'm having none of it! I believe cancer is a symptom of a wider disease; stress. I deal with my stress and I have control over cancer. I believe this strongly.

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  • Hi byhisgrace05,

    Besides reducing stress, have you changed your diet at all? How do you reduce your stress level?


  • I'm following a blood type diet; basically vegan. I'm also doing yoga, practicing meditation, keeping a goal journal and taking contrast hydrotherapy showers (you can find in depth info online about this). I have learned positive thoughts bring positive outcomes. I also find the more I speak it the more I believe it. I've also asked my family and friends to speak to me as healed. It sounds hokey and new age but it is working well for me.

  • I'm also using essential oils on my skin. I ingest frankincense oil but I follow my naturopath's guidelines on that.

  • Hi!

    I also do a lot with NORI diet (also basically vegan) and a lot of walking. According to my Fitbit I got in 4.4 miles at work last Saturday. I started at 3900 last July. After 5 Perjetta I went down to 95. So I just had one more for a total of 6 and went down to 12. Been there since November 10. Onc was thinking it was going to be 8-10 plus radiation for the bone mets. I think it really had to do with prayer, no refined sugar, no processed food, and walking 2-4 miles a day.

    Also my Onc said we wouldn't return to chemo till about 800 so you're still in the acceptable range. Don't let the numbers worry u. Keep to your plan as long as it is working...


  • When you say 3900 are you referring to tumor marker?

  • Yes. Sorry about that. Just reread it and I didn't transition that very well. Yes unfortunately I started out stage 4 from the beginning with mets to the bones...

  • I am amazed! You went from a tumor marker of 3900 to 12. I was diagnosed in 2011 bcra+ in 2011. After mastectomy, hysterectomy & ovaries, 5 years of appts, tests and meds I was diagnosed in sept w stage IV Mets to bones and liver is full. I was literally given a death sentence. My t marker was 3446. I just finished round 6 of Red Devil chemo today. I am so tired and worn out but the marker is down to 282. No iv chemo planned in near future. Reading your post is giving me the hope I have been looking for and need!

  • Glad that helped! Keep eating right and exercising. And lots of prayer! I think I had at least 3 churches in town praying for me at the beginning...😀 My immunotherapy Herceptin I'll take for a long time. Keytruda is for the negatives. It's in trial now but hopefully in 2 years it'll meet FDA standards...



  • We are giving my body 5 weeks to rebound from all the harsh chemo. Then I start Ibrance and Fluvestrant. Once I get some energy back I can start working on some moving! Thanks for getting back to me!

  • Heather,

    Do you have bone mets? I find that if I do too many physical things, pain from the bone mets will act up. I walk but not to your extent. Do you take pain meds? I'd love to get into Yoga but don't think my bones will allow it. I have a Y membership but since the Mets I've scarcely been there. Also my energy can be low. Am taking vitamins and supplements to help me with the energy issue.

    What tumor marker test do you have done? 15-3 or 27-29?? Mine is 15-3.

    Any suggestions for me? I do visualization and pray and try to stay as positive as possible.


  • Hi Kats3!

    Yes lots of bone mets. I think I had 10-12...but none were that big except one on my femur. I take Zometa for a year. Every 4 weeks. My Onc said I get it every 4 instead of every 6 because I won't sit still...lol True. Walk as for as u can. But also check with your Onc to double where they are so walking doesn't bother it. Also if u have a Y membership u can probably get into water aerobics class or u the arthritic pool.

    I take 25 mg of iron a day and 2000 B12 for energy. I had a 7.2 hemoglobin to start and so I had a blood transfusion...much better now...

    -Have a great day!


  • Greetings: Sister/Warrior/Overcomer/ Byhisgrace05 Like your name defines I am am here by God's grace and mercy.The oncologist gave me about one year to live with stage II breast cancer diagnoses. I had 10 of 12 lymph nodes that were positive for cancer. Fast forward to 9 years now with no evidence of disease/cancer in my body.I eat by using a book called blood type/body type diet. I do interval exercise training and, I talk and pray to our Lord/God our creator everyday. Iv'e removed plastics and toxic food preparation and storage equipment from my home. Talk with God and make your decisions, this is your life. There was a women in my church who did a testimony a few years ago who was cured by using an organic raw food diet. After about one year she had know evidence of cancer in her body even though her oncologist was totally against it. 9 months ago I spoke to her on the telephone to get information for two women diagnosed with breast cancer who were refusing chemo and radiation.She is still cancer free.I pray God will give you the answers and strength to get you through what ever treatment you decide to take. Believer Super natural healing is yours for the taking.God's continued blessings.XoXoXoXo

  • Thank you for your encouragement, RLN- overcomer! I just bought a recipe book for my blood type and plan to make meals with it from now on. I'm loving my new life. I am healthier every day.

  • Could someone please explain tumor markers to me....in other words, what do the ranges mean? My markers were 44 and went up to 80??? What does that mean?

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