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Well I called the doctor yesterday. Last Thursday when I had the cement put in my back, something went wrong. I've been in severe pain since Thursday. He called me in an antiflamatory and steroid medication yesterday. I feel some better today. Had anyone ever had this happen? Also , I'm suppose to go Thursday March 9, which is my 48 birthday, thanking Jesus I get to see another bday, anyway I'm suppose to have a nerve block done! I'm now having second thoughts. Any advice?

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  • Hi 03Amegios, I saw your earlier post too, and I'm sorry you're in such intense pain :( Don't have any experience with nerve blocks, but did the doctor give any ideas as to why you're experiencing it in an area that isn't where they did the procedure?

  • The nurse said sometimes it happens and a nerve can get all inflamed!

  • What do you mean when you say cement put in your back. Did you have a fusion? I have rods and plates in my back and neck from degenerate disc disease. Have had 4 surgeries on lower back and one on neck. From time to time I have to have nerve blocks and they really help. My biggest problem over the years has been lymphedema in my legs. Not sure if it was from the back surgery or something else. I do know the larger my leg got the more my back was hurting even though I was walking and trying to excercise. I just recently had sapl surgery on my leg. It's small again. I'm walking and so far my back hasn't been to bad. If you have access to a swimming pool, I highly recommend it. Sorry you are in so much pain. I hope the shots work for you. Sending prayers up for you.

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