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hair loss

On tuesday i got my new wig and while i was there asked the girl to cut my own hair,which she was happy to do she gowned me up &shaved all my hair off to as short as it would go with the clippers ,my hair is now shaved to the stubble ,but the last few days that has been sore &warm do i now take the clippers again to as low as can go on the guard &shave it all off to bald as the stubble is sore waiting for my follicles to patch &fall out any help

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I've lost my hair 4 times due to chemotherapy. Like you, I had my head shaved using clippers (my son did it). Even with stubble, you will get scalp pain or soreness because the hair follicles are irritated by the chemo. Just wait, it'll go away. In the meantime, just put your dry head over a trash can and rub it. The loose stubble will float away. I have some hair that never did fall out (maybe 5% of my hair) but I haven't gone back to the clippers again. I suppose I could but I don't see the point. Your scalp will get itchy from time to time just before your next chemo treatment. Your hair wants to regenerate but stops when you get your next chemo.

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