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Have stage 3 breast cancer. Have had 4 rounds of chemo and starting my second round on the 24th. Surgeon thought cancer hadn’t been shrunk enough. They’re changing chemo and I have to have a muga test before chemo. Mastectomy should be in mid to late January.’ Lymph nodes are also cancer. Radiation after surgery. Breast reconstruction after that. A long road. Came on here because I want to make friends with people like me. Oh and I have some kind of sore that’s infected and I have to have taken out.

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  • Hi juju56 and welcome!

  • Hi missa13

  • Hi juju56! Welcome to the club that no one wants to belong to — but the place you want to tap into when you have questions, concerns, and share success stories with those who truly understand. Good luck in your treatments, and let us help you deal with the side effects. The remarkable women on this board have helped me, and I’m grateful for it.

  • Thank you Tinydancer1

  • Thank you. How do I ask questions? Do I start a new thread?

  • That's probably the easiest, yes. That way all members of the community will be notified that a new post has been put up and have the opportunity to respond.

  • I had stage 3 . Have gone through chemo,surgery,radiation &reconstrution . Yes it was very rough but made it. I did have one revision and now need another. I also had a total hip replacement due to chemo & radiation, other side needs it to but I’ll have to b crawling first. But just keep your head up and trust in God. I also have a huge support system. Text any time

  • Hi there - I just had 6 rounds of chemo and just had appt with plastic surgeon yesterday and was told that because I am having radiation, I have to wait for reconstruction for 6 months. I am having masectomy on November 14th.

  • We're sort of in the same boat. I wish you plenty of luck and know it will be hard but you and I can do it. I was so disappointed to learn I have to wait to have reconstructive surgery. My mother had a mastectomy and never had her and just left it. It was her choice but sad. So I will wait however long it takes to get the breast surgery. Inputting your surgery date on my calendar.

  • Thank you

  • Sharon1014 good luck with your surgery. Let me know how it goes. ❤️❤️❤️💪🏻😘

  • Thank you juju56. If got switched to wed. Thanks so much

  • Will remember.

  • Thank you debkelly

  • Hi juju56 I feel for you😐 You do have a long road ahead of you but you are a strong warrior and you WILL get through this!!! I found having something to look forward to after treatment helped me Immensely. Like a trip somewhere you have never been before for in the Spring. After you have gotten back on your feet a bit. How well did you do going through your first cycle of Chemo? Were you able to tolerate it well? I only had a Lumpectomy, 2 surgeries, and Radiation. I will be happy to be your friend and help you any way I can😊 Hang in there and know you have support here and at SHARE.

  • Thanks I could use a friend. I was allergic to my first chemo, they're switching it. You have also been through a lot. I was thinking of going somewhere if I can afford it. If not was thinking of adopting a dog. I love animals. Thank you for reaching out to me.

  • I think adopting a dog is a excellent idea!!! I don’t know what I would have done without my two puppies🐶❤️🐶

  • One caveat: You might want to check with your oncologist before adopting a dog at this particular time. Managing a new pet may be more work than you bargain for, especially as you face chemo and surgery. In the long run, it sounds like a great idea. Good luck with your new chemo. Fingers crossed that it goes well.

  • Yeah you're right I have a nine yr old westie and well see how I feel when I'm all done. But eventually I will adopt.

  • If you are going to adopt a day, do make sure you have people who will adopt it if caring for it becomes too much for you! If we outlive our current dogs, we are going to check with hospice programs to see if any of their patients need an adoptive home for their dogs.

  • That's a good idea

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