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LUTS OR BPH (Tamsulosin)

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hi, quick background. l have primary Microvascular disease (whole body) l have the start of an heart attack weekly and l have had 5 major Attacks during the last 7 years, two of which stayed on long enough for them to say full NSTEMI’s. I have also had my gallbladder removed because of it, TIA’s (MVD, TIA’s that is) and had it diagnosed around/in pancreas and spleen although my main areas are heart and skin. I have always thought l had in the intestines but never been diagnosed in that area. I have also had a large Scrotal Lipoma removed and have two adrenal adenomas. Tried suicide by jumping off a bridge but hit a pipe and survived LOL.

When this all started in earnest 7 years ago my doc said that Erectile Dysfunction was just part of my situation so ive lived with it. Now it seems that l may have either Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia the consultant has put me straight on to Tamsulosin 400, this is were l need some advice please as l dont feel that well. 3 days of starting Tamsulosin my weeing is stronger but im tired as if burnt out, ive had some of this before when starting other meds but l have found info on the web, this time l cannot. My full meds are: Ranolazine 1500, Diltiazem 300, Cadestarten 16, Aspirin 75, Clopedogreal 75, Tamsulosin 400, Lansoprazole 30, Simvastatin 20 and as required, GTN, Paracetamol, Oramorph. Im not into another cancer scare so im ignoring that posibility.

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