hernia in scrotum, maybe?

Hi, due to a chronic ilness l get good constipation after taking oramorph so there are plenty of pushing times with lots of grunts and moans. I now have a lump in my scrotum! It is about the size of three testicles but flatter and feels as if it is floating like my testicles, it also feels like lumps of hard poo clumped together, no direct pain when it is squeezed but some pain as if my testicles are being squeezed and the same if my legs are closed. Doctor recons its probably a hernia but ive never heard of one in that area? Because l get more discomfort rather than direct pain it will not be classed as needing attension now but he said he would put me forward to see a consultant.

Anyone else had similar?

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  • Certainly sounds like an indirect inguinal hernia. Usually they will be operated on as they may cause problems

  • It may feel like lumps of hard poo but you will not get that in your scrotum.

  • just to feed back and help advise andy.

    I have two inguinal hernias, one left and one right of my friend. The left one is small but the right one is large. A part of my intestines are indeed in my scrotum so at the moment everything that passes through and out travels theough my scrotum 'via the intestine that is'. So yes it is logical that l can feel poo or my third testical. They are or it is cousing more discomfort, it is as if someone is squeezing my friends two mates, hopefully it can be pushed forward starting next monday as the results of a ultrascan will not be with the doctor until then.

  • If you get a doctors diagnosis and confirmation tht it is poo in your scrotum then I shall take back what I said. Only with a doctors diagnosis though aa it could be many other things

  • Andy, your intestine is a very long tube so where ever that tube is, what comes out the end as gone through all that tube. Check out in images when you search inguinal hernia, there are some good pictures and then sites that explain it better than l can. Hard stuff can get trapped if the muscle tightens back up slightly, l believe this is called incarceration. The next step is when blood flow is crimped and that is called strangulation.

  • sorry should have put ultra sound showed it as a piece of intestine!

  • So it wasn't poo it was part of your intestine from the scan results... very different

  • see a consultant fast and get mri doctor gp should have done that urgent

  • not too far away DKelly, l have seen my GP today and it is down as urgent to see a butcher! If l have a temperature, dont poo for over 6 days, have contiuous sloppy poo, start feeling sickly, being sick, have increase in pain then l have to do 999. At present it is not strangled (obvious) but it is just a step away.

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