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Sensitive Issues for Men
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Blue Monday Kicks Off Men's Health Week in Detroit

To kick off Men’s Health Week in Detroit, Us TOO is teaming up with the Michigan Institute of Urology Men’s Health Foundation, Bayer and baseball legend Ken Griffey Sr. to encourage men to speak up about an important health issue: advancing prostate cancer. Ken, the spokesman for Bayer’s Men Who Speak Up campaign, is touring the country to share his prostate cancer experience and encourage men to speak up about the signs and symptoms of advancing prostate cancer.

Join us at noon on June 13, known as Blue Monday, at the Spirit of Detroit statue at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center in Detroit to hear Ken’s personal story and learn the importance of taking action against and speaking up about advanced prostate cancer symptoms such as fatigue, difficulty walking or sleeping, unexplained pain or difficulty doing normal activities. He’ll be joined by local sports celebrities, including past members of the Detroit Lions. We hope you can make it!

For more information on Men Who Speak Up, visit MenWhoSpeakUp.com.