Sensitive Issues for Men
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I have an idea that there must be quite a number of men who do not have any or

not often love life with their wife, partner ect IE SEX and this brings many problems including the attacks on girls and woman. Any one agree???????????

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I agree. It causes problems with some men.


To say every man not getting enough sex is a potential rapist is ludicrous . What's this to do with health . Get a life !!!


I suggest you stop and THINK I put this as a way of getting a discussion going

its got a lot to do with MENTAL health, as JOHNSMITH has replied and others

other issues involved.


Hi Andy

While it's possible I don't agree. I'm think it's more to do with other factors. I'm not sure what exactly as I'd have to be in their mindset to understand what drives them to do such an awful and horrific thing.

Due to medical issues (Hypogonadism) I'm still a virgin, but never felt that I could attack anyone through frustration or self gratification. But obviously everyone is different



Hi Buzza1.

I have been diagnosed with Hypogonadism a couple of years ago. I was prescribed Testosterone replacement therapy but I wish I had never started it.

I have a Mrs but the Hypogonadism make's me feel very insecure about myself in the bedroom.


Hi Leon

I was not diagnosed until late in life. And use Tostran gel. While it's very good and works well, I feel as though I'd have benefited more had I been diagnosed many years ago. I still feel inadequate in terms of sexual performance. I


I was diagnosed at the age of 42 and my first testosterone replacement therapy gel was Tostran full 8 presses. I had skin irritation and testicular atrophy. I could hardly afford for any testicular shrinkage.

I am now using Testogel two sachets per day. I am now suffering with an enlarged prostate which is making my sexual issues more depressing.


I'm really sorry to hear that things are going far worse for you. With never having a physical relationship I've not got the frustration of missing out on a sex life. Before the gel I never had any body hair. Underarm or genital. Now I feel more masculine. So I felt inadequate. Also my nickname at school was pindick lol. So you can imagine my confidence was low from an early age. The gel does give me urges. But I've never taken the next step. I was 48 when diagnosed


I had undescended testicles as a child 10 years of age. So this caused delayed puberty but luckily for me I started developing at 15 years of age.

I started suffering with all sorts of sexual problems in my late 20's. My GP just brushed it off like they do. I fractured my spine and slipped my disc at 41 years of age.

The local hospital took my blood's and gave me a strip down medical. The consultant noticed my previous hernia operations. Hey presto he said i could be suffering with Hypogonadism but he said it's hard to distinguish if it's primary or secondary. When I was put on Testosterone replacement therapy I asked how long i would need to take it for. Unfortunately maybe like you it's a life long medication. Ps. When I did PE or Game's I always refused to shower as I looked like a very young boy and made me conscious about my appearance.


It's amazing how similar our lives have been Leon. After a fall and fracturing my spine, the subsequenttests showed my Hypogonadism. Like you I'm confused about which type exactly. To be honest when I wasn't getting male testosterone I was confused about my sexuality. I hope you are not offended


Like others I am a man without sex (song title in there somewhere), firstly because I cannot get an erection and the second is that because my wife sees no erection so she as switched off so, no playing iether!

I stand (no reverse pun intended) in the middle ground and acept that everyboby is different but I know how I feel at times. Not that I have or intend to have unlawful sex or force others to but a do find myself undressing with my eyes, now if that be rape then sobeit? I dont consider it is but again I can see where others may take it a stage further, not that im saying that is an excuse or condoning the act but its there.

The problem with discussions like this is that by just trying to add to it put yourself underpressure, dammed if you do, dammed if you dont! Even admitting natural basic instincts will get many hot under the proverbials. This will then iether be via an attack at me in some way or a following!

to go back to the question of what I depends on the person be they male or female.


Absolutely NOT. I am a psychotherapist with 30 years experience. The only personages that are abusive are those who have abusive personalities regardless if they have sex or NOT. This includes WOMEN or MEN. Trust me on this one, Women can be equally as abusive as, some physical but most are hightly premeditatively manipulative in a very emotionally damaging way. Physical abuse is easier to get over but emotional abuse can last a lifetime.


I did not say ALL men I said a number of men, also said brings many problems.

Also has there been a study on cases were one partner wants sex the other does not, do the females involved allow the male to visit and pay for sex, what do females end up doing, the same?


Well despite initial misgivings by some, your topic has generated quite a few replies.

There may be something in what you suggest, but if someone is capable of such vile things then that I believe is in their mind set regardless of home life. Some convicted rapists have I think tried to use it as some sort of defence. We also read of men raping Prostitutes ! Why resort to rape when you can pay for what you need/want ?

Bottom line is No Excuse and let the punishment be a REAL deterrent.

Most men admire attractive females when out and about and in the main I see no problem with that. Indeed my Wife often spots me 'ogling' young ladies and does not really see a problem with it. Obviously it is not done inappropriately. Indeed on the rare occasion she wears something revealing when we go out, she does actually enjoy the attention. Eyes do not hurt.

As for those in Sexless relationships for whatever reason, sex does not have to be about penetration. There is lots of ways to enjoy your self with a willing partner. Explore each others bodies and do not worry about how it may end. Live the Journey !


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