Sensitive Issues for Men
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Appearance Vs Reality

Now a days, more than ever, it seems that many young men are overly consumed with their physical appearance. They often spend countless hours working out and spending time in front of the mirror. Overtime, these habits can turn into obsessions.

What do you make of this issue, and what do you think can come of it? Is it a real problem, or is it not worth our time? What do we think we look like, versus what we actually do look like, and is our self-perception totally off balance?

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More importantly, is there a balance that should be achieved? I'm not advocating a "dad-bod," but rather a sustainable lifestyle that isn't obsessive or in excess regarding exercise, fitness, and nutrition. Some thoughts would be interesting.


You said they are young men. Sorry to tell you the young men I know are not like you describe. my three sons are young also Ms not like this.

Young people must do what they must do learn experiences and develop in their on way. It's the way we evolve. Being young is about experimenting in life. Breyer the gym than heroin.

Leave them lone and let them develop in their own way. They will come around just as we did.


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