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Autism in the Family

Does anyone else on here have a sibling with autism? How did you cope growing up and has it become easier/harder as your loved one got older?

I have a 16 (17 in September) year old brother who has a primary diagnosis of autism with OCD. He is VERY high functioning and independent (can stay at home by himself, walk, talk, toilet, use a phone, interact when interested, etc.). With that said, it scares me to think about his future sometimes. He's so smart, but I worry that employers won't give him a chance. I know he'll probably end up living with me (perfectly happy with this arrangement as he is AWESOME!) but is it wrong of me to want more for him? I just want him to be happy and I don't want to hold him back from reaching his potential you know?


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I see your fear in this situation. Though I do not have a sibling with autism I notice that the world looks at them differently. As brother you want the best for you sibling and you should work to help him get a job. I am not a pro at this subject but maybe it could be easier for you and a company if you and your brother worked in the same company.


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