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Excessive Alcohol Use

Men are more likely than women to abuse alcohol. Excessive alcohol use is correlated with several health problems and disorders. In what ways have you or someone you know tried to ensure that you drink responsibly? Have you or someone you know attempted to overcome alcoholism? In general, what do you think men can do to safeguard against excessive alcohol consumption?

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In my experience, there is a strong culture of drinking among my groups of male friends. I'm not the biggest drinker, but its hard to say "no" when all my friends are drinking alcohol. When entering a setting where alcohol is involved, I talk to a friend that I trust about my limits before consuming any drinks. I hope that helps!


Hello hd0981!

In my college years I would definitely consider myself a steady drinker but as I am graduating soon I find myself in less and less appropriate situations that calls for a drink. It definitely is based on your social group and who you spend your time with. If you find that your peers are drinking a lot and you are finding your drinking to be detrimental to your life, change your friends. I have not tried to overcome alcoholism as it was never a problem for me but I have witnessed multiple peers go through it. It takes support from the individual's friends and dedication of the individual to overcome such a struggle.


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