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Sensitive Issues for Men
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Prostate Cancer Awarenes Month

Hi all,

Wanted to let you know it's Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, in a lot of the world. Remember to start talking to your doctor about screenings at 40 if you are at high risk and at 50 for all other men. Let me know if you have questions about what you should be asking.



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I agree with you. I tell my son and his friends to see their GP the moment there is any trouble with the waterworks.

What's your advice on this? You're unlucky, you've had a cancer diagnosis, you've had radio treatment, brought down your PSA scores and then secondaries occur, eg in your bones, what's the best way forward?

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Often with prostate cancer once there is symptoms the cancer has spread. The most important things to consider are race, family history, activity levels, and certain chemical exposure, and get BOTH a PSA and DRE test every year. There are also some new blood test that could be more accurate to consider.

If you've had prostate cancer and it has moved to your bones I would look into combined immunotheropy and vaccine treatments. Very interesting stuff that isn't really talked about.

Check these pages out -




Mhnmate Hi

One thing I would say as part of general advice is that if there is any trouble with the waterworks get to it straight away. I'm going through prostate cancer. I was diagnosed early 2013 as T3a PSA1.4 which is not disastrous. I got radiotherapy and hormone treatment but unfortunately in the long term the hormones didn't quite do the job and the original cancer metastesised and went into he bones. Now I've got it in my spine and ribs. It's incurable and I'm back on the hormones to try to control it. Should I have got to it sooner? Who knows, just heed the warnings I say.

Good luck with the campaign.


There I go repeating myself.


Should I be worried if I have an enlarged prostate at 43. My Grand father and a Uncle died with prostate cancer and my auntie died with breast cancer and my mother survived breast cancer twice.

I have been informed that the faulty gene in men and women causes both cancers.


Why don't you post that question in the Prostate Cancer Network community....seems like that would be a more relevant community for an answer. Good luck!


Thank you for the good advice.Darryl.


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