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Cancer seems to be widespread and more prevalent in developed nations. Dealing with cancer requires that national, local, and individual forces work together for the purpose of preventing it. As a current public health student, I learned that prevention should come first. Prevention measures and early screening of cancer can help detect it in the early stages, greatly improving health outcomes. However, some cancers are asymptomatic and go undetected. My question is "How can we prevent cancer in the fist place?

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Ah...mkmk...if we only knew! We are born into a world full of air pollutants, food additives and hazardous manufactured materials and it is impossible to protect ourselves fully against it all. Maybe our only hope for the future is that a preventative drug will be available that, taken as a precaution, will somehow recognize whatever is trying to invade our healthy cells and stop it. A daydream?



I can only imagine, and hopefully that magic bullet is created in our generation.


Read the story of Jack Andraka. In humanity there lies hope as well as fear!

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