Hi I,m 59 and 6 weeks ago I had a cardiac arrest and a massive heart attack. The hospital call me a miracle as I've come away with no brain damage just a little slower than usual.

I'd not felt poorly it was completely out of the blue. After 5 weeks in hospital I,m now home recovering. I don't smoke, don't drink, eat reasonably healthy and am not obese. Fortunately I,m totally unaware of the first week or two but by all accounts I,m lucky to be alive.. at hospital next week for an echocardiogram, do they tell me about rehab then. So far not been told anythng

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  • Wow, great to hear you are ok. I was very similar story & also survived.

    What I find hard is there's nothing I can do to help, I.e. Improve diet, exercise etc.

    The relevant hospital rehab team wrote to me after about 6 weeks & it started from there.

    Good luck & take care.

  • Welcome to the club. You had a long time in hospital but you are out now. Start of a new chapter. Yes you will be told about rehab soon. The classes are normally on 8vweek sessions so you have to start at number one so sometimes it's not straight away. But they are great as you will with others who will understand you and how you feel as they have experienced something similar. Kindred spirits I suppose.

  • I had the same happen .. I actually died for a while .. They said I should not be hear and lucky I've not got any complications.. I was in hospital for only 3 days .. Im to was fit and healthy and didn't drink .. my diet was ok but did smoke a little ... I'm still in a state of shock it's now been 10 weeks .. I get panic attacks now when I get a pain or twinge .. I'm only 48 .. but onwards and upwards I'm still hear so wasn't my time .. gotta look after our selves ..

    Take care x

  • It's the shock isn't it. I,m nervous it will happen again but I know I need to get over that and be strong and on with my life. 2017 IS going to be a healthy year!!!!!

    Take care xx

  • Yes it's frightening.... it's good to know that your not on your own .... take care and here's to a healthy new year

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