Follow on from my heart attack

I had my h/a in July 2016. Had two stents fitted. There was two other arteries partly blocked but medication was recommended to help keep on top of this. I was doing well or so I thought after around four to six weeks I began to get breathless resulting in further chest pain I started to go down hill. I went to cardiology wasn't fit enough for rehab. Consultant sent me for a further angiogram. This showed the other arteries had got worse a lot worse. I was getting extremely depressed and anxious suffering panic attacks and problems sleeping. Just after Christmas I had to go back into hospital where I've had another three stents fitted. This has had a massive effect on my confidence tomorrow I start my first cardio rehab fingers crossed. I'm going with a positive attitude.

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  • Sounds like you've had a rough time. Good luck with the rehab.

    Re anxiety try and get GP to refer you for support, it really helps.

  • I attend talking therapy once a week for anxiety and depression. I'm also on meds to help.

  • Good luck with the cardio rehab, it really helped me to build my confidence and the nurses were great and very supportive. Talking Therapies did not work for me (probably not the right counselor for me), and I am not keen to take the anxiety medications that by GP keeps prescribing, as I do not want more side effects on top of the ones from the heart meds! I am going to see a private psychologist tomorrow, as I am not getting any real support from my GP.

    I hope it goes well with the cardio rehab, and they will start you on a very gentle and easy program to start with so you will have nothing to worry about.

  • Be positive I am sure you will gain more confidence once you get into your rehab programme. I had my h/a in October with one stent inserted but had to have my rehab delayed while I waited to have a loop recorder fitted which has now been done. I am making the phone call today to be put on a rehab programme, see I g your post made me smile as I could feel your anticipation. Good luck to us both, hopefully life can only get better.

  • Its not easy to rehab. Your heart like mine has multiple stents. Physically you will get better fast just by walking and following the rehab class recommendations. But mentally it can be hard. One of the talks in rehab will be about mental rehab. Being with a bunch of others should not stop you staying behind and seeking advice. I wish I had and not been to much of a " man" to need it. But when I was physically fit my mind was a mess. Eventually I took counselling and had 8 weeks with a wonderful lady who let me unload all my worries and anxieties and made me face them for what they are. She didn't judge or add new questions to my world as this is what happens when you talk to those close to you. So coming out of it i was in a better place and on her recommendation I sort out a Mindfulness class which helps enormously. I still worry, overreact to twinges etc. But I am happier inside and physically in great shape. In the end we have to find the best way for us. And yes it can be a lonely journey but also it can be to a better way of living. But don't fool yourself you will never be the same person that you were before. Time to find the new you. Its out there you just have to get up and find it. With the help from the rehab people of course.

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