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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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It's the not knowing which makes it difficult

Sudden heart attack three weeks ago

.I'm coming 65 , female , retired though very active with family, church etc.I haven't eaten red meat for years, limit sweet foods and am 8 1/2 stone

. For two months I felt not right esp when exercising. I walk instead of taking car, do line dancing Pilates and felt very well

. It was three hours before I was diagnosed from sudden onset of pain before was given med.Was taken to health centre,didn't show on heart trace,eventually sent to A&E only because pain seemed severe.Only when blood test was done and came back over an hour later was I given medication.

Angiogram showed severe disease to left circumflex artery to be medically managed .Why no stent? That was a different hospital and no- one spoke to me about it. When taken back by ambulance I asked there. I queried about stent and cardiac followup nurse is looking into it for me.

Because my BP and heart rate are normally low I questioned the followup cardiac nurse about a tab that lowered this among other things.She spoke to doc who took me off it.BP was 90

.Now on two tabs less than prescribed due to side effects of first? This needs to be pointed out. Own Dr.didn't prescribe alternative.

All in all I feel we need to be vigilant and keep asking for every person is different.I do have strong family history

.I'm not able to do anything yet - exhausted though slightly better.

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Did you ask what % blockage and how many arteries affected


That is what followup nurse has got cardiologist to inquire from Angiogram specialist. Haven't heard yet. They did write severe disease (does that mean blockage? )of that artery.


Get on to your cardiologist and ask what % blockages in all arteries and what course of action .Severe could mean anything ,and its not helpful writing severe for someone after having an angiogram .Dont be afraid to ask the Cardiologist questios , its your body and its your right .

I have five stents in and am now fit as a fiddle ,on meds for life but thats part of the treatment .


Thanks for encouragement and life experience


It's difficult & you feel you have to get many answers yourself at risk of being told stop being Dr Google!

The reason no stent may be position, some folks from rehab in that scenario, I.e. In bend.

I too had low heart rate & no BP problems, also low cholesterol but they stick you on job lot of mess! I got them to reduce beta blocker in first few weeks, and now finally after 9 months got then to cut again. Helping me feels loads livelier & generally good about myself.

I'm lucky & see Cardiologist privately & post 1 year after HA he will consider reducing all mess further with end game of none at all except Aspirin of course which will now be life long.

My worry though is my body now reliant on meds & without them I would have higher BP / Cholesterol than before!

Good luck, keep pushing


.I'm not on betablockers. Why are you ?

In fact I'm only left with aspirin and Ticagrelor Brilique to thin blood _ the latter for one year / ranoxa(ranolazine) and 80 mg statin.


These are questions I've had & pushed for answers.

Resulting in some reduction & hint may be stopped in future.

The beta blocker is now a low dose. I also take statin, not sure why agaiin, as cholesterol was low in first place. Now very low.

I take Ticagrelor too, that will be for 1 year only too. Though I was told due to stent.

It's hard & frustrating!


I was told that statins also stabilise plaque which ruptures to cause blood clotting and heart attack. What dose of statin are you on? Friend on 20 mg Husband on 40 I'm on 80 but they haven't had ha.


That's correct, I've been told same. Only after I had raised concerns re taking statins due to risk of dimentia, I was 46 at time.

I take 40mgs, that hasn't changed as yet. I heard they too can cause fatigue.

Chances are I had ruptured plaque & blood clot. Cardiologist said in western society we pretty much will all have some plaque. Not conventional heart disease as such. He believes that ruptured & may never happen again but then none of us know what's round corner. But he said there is early stage research showing plaque can be kept more supple with statin.

I've always been puzzled & shocked by HA as lived fit & healthy lifestyle all my life.

I hope you feel better soon.


I was told 80mg statin was the standard dose post H.A.


OK! Thanks .Are you still on that dose / how long after ha ?


Just read its 6 weeks.I felt improved a bit yesterday at 3weeks to the extent that I didn't feel my heart beating and getting louder and faster the longer I was up or talking or listening to talking.I need to get back to sleep to get it to calm down to normal.I'm doing very little.Managed to walk a little yesterday.How have you progressed?


I think I'm doing ok. Increased exercise just walking a little faster and longer. Got cardiologist app next tuesday. Hopefully be looking at getting back to work in the next couple of weeks. The whole thing has been a fairly steep learning curve for me. Didn't have a clue what i was suppossed to be doing, what to expect ect. Tried to get advise from GP, offered an app for two months time!!!! I could gp on...... but seems to be going the right way now. Unfortunately i really don't have all the information like others seem to, and i still struggle alittle bit in accepting this has all happened..... but we are getting there!.... i hope. How are you coping in yourself?


I was disappointed Mon week ago when I felt less fatigued but doing little set me back for 10days.So I know not to push it but feel lack of guidance.However everybody is different. Keep hearing of stent cases who are back to form quickly!! In myself I'm fine as I have a strong relationship with Jesus.😃


Slow ànd steady seems to be the key. I can relate to doing to much to early, but i gyess it is important to meaaure your progress in terms of feet rather than miles..... and get your stength, solice and comfort from where ever you can. Best of luck to you.

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Glad to hear about plan to reduce all I intend to make a private app. when NHS have thrown me out to get another opinion.Nothing more imp.than your health?


One year on with 95% blocked small artery only from heart attack.No stent possible. Tried different tablets but only able to take Ranolazine aspirin and 80mg statin. Have some chest pain and fullness in neck and jaw. Activity only for a third of day if I don't want heart energy and pain to rapidly deteriorate and build up over days. I'm concerned about effects of statin as brain seems to be even more fuzzy than usual and memory deteriorating. Read here that can be effect of statin ??


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