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Heart attack at 46


Hi I had a heart attack on the 31/11/16 I was a smoker until then and also there was family history of Heart problems but you never think it's gonna happen to you , I was very scared and still am I was rushed to hospital and had 2 stents fitted straight away I was kept in for 2 days then sent home and told to see my doctor and I would get an appointment for rehab , I have an appointment for the 9th January for rehab , but cannot get to see my doctor until a week on Friday. I keep getting a pain in my foot and the tingle in my right arm is still there has been since the attack wondered If this is normal or do I need to see someone ASAP ?

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Hello , it's normal to have all sorts of strange goings on for the next few weeks and months as you recover. However as a rule of thumb if it worries you turn up at your local A& E for an ECG , you will not bother anyone and it's better to be safe. Otherwise go to your GP surgery and ask the practice nurse for advice.

Get an emergency appointment if you are worried.

Or if really worried go to A&E.

You have to be relaxed not full of anxiety.

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