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6 weeks after my heart attack


Hi all

its been 6 weeks since i had my heart attack .im feeling good apart from i get breathless very easy .I am just wondering will that pass in time or will i always be this breathless . Thanks for any reply x

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Deedeek, has your Cardiologist put you into a Rehab program of any type? After my heart event back in 1996, that was the best thing I did. I have no idea where you are so perhaps there are no Rehabilitarion program. No problem....you can put one together yourself....will be happy to guide you. You don't say what caused your heart event; Blocked LAD artery, valve, etc. ?

Thank you for your reply

My heart attack was caused by a blockage and i had a stent fitted

I dont know if i will be put on a exercise program as i dont see the cardiac nurse till next week

Hi, make sure you do the rehab. Read the account of my heart attack. I'm now back at work, all be it doing not so much heavy lifting, but I'm working, which is something I couldn't imagine doing! It's all thanks to the cardio rehab. I do get breathless still, but it's a case of 'taking a step back' and realising why you feel breathless. I take 5 mins, and carry on. As my cardio nurse said to me, " you didn't ask for this to happen to you, but deal with the situation" and that's what I do.

Deedeek1 in reply to Pjays

Thank you for your reply there is hope for me yet lol

6 weeks is early days. I had my HA in Sept 2016 and it took 2-3 months for everything to settle. But all the evidence shows you must must exercise. A regular daily walk is enough. Start with small distances. I wish you success.

Thank you for your reply

After my HA I was told by my cardiologist to start walking. I ask when he said immediately. So I did next day 400m next day a bit more and so on. It worked a treat. Sure breathless but if you don't do anything you will always be breathless. Build up slowly. And as others say do the rehab classes best thing ever.

Sometimes medication can make you breathless e.g. ramipril. If it's meds the docs will change them for you.

Thank you for your reply

Have you spoken to your GP or Consultant/Cardiac Rehab staff about this? Initially I felt slightly breathless but this did pass. Sometimes I found myself over-reacting to any symptoms post heart attack which I believe is fairly common. What treatment did you get and what medication are you on? Really encourage you to speak to an appropriate clinician to seek reassurance. Worry just snowballs sometimes...inappropriately. Good luck and let folks know how you are getting on.

Hi. Don't lose hope on the breathlessness! It will get better but as other say it could be the meds. I am on Brillique which makes me breathless and gasping for air sometime. I believe bisoprolol can also make you breathless? 1st week out of hospital I couldn't walk the length of my shadow but I have been doing the rehab and while tough it's working and boosts my confidence. Still get breathless now 9 weeks post HA but I can do as much walking as poss now - did 10k steps last week! Keep going!

If you are on Ramipril, this can cause breathlessness so do. Check the written info in your medication packs and report back to your doc or nurse

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