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Hi I'm new on here,the doctors think I had a heart attack two months ago,im now going to the hospital to have a stent put in I'm very frightened about the whole procedure,im a single parent with no family am also a carer for my daughter and granddaughter,so I'm worried about being ill at home because I'm cut off most off the time and on my own,ive tried talking to my GP but they are very unhelpful.sorry for rambling

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  • Please don't be worried about the procedure. I had a heart attack and had one stent fitted through my wrist. You can watch it on a screen if you like, I didn't I'm a bit squeamish lol, the whole thing was only 30 mins from start to finish and not in the slightest bit painful and recovery was quick. Look after yourself and don't worry. Helen

  • Thank-you for your kind reply,i shall do my best not to stress about it too much from leeza

  • I had the same experience with my doctor . .she very rude and unhelpful . . but really having a stent is the most pain free and easy process ever ..you will literally won't feel a thing .. I promise. . so please don't worry . ..

  • Whilst it must be worrying try not to as this doesn't help. Easier said that done i know. The stent is ok, and most people i've met are back at work / getting on with life within a few weeks.

    Shame your GP not more supportive, mine is great now but prior to my heart attack the previous GP had not seen problem & this led to a cardiac arrest!

    Take care.

  • I had 2 fitted during my heart attack then another 2 6 weeks later. The second 2 I was back to normal a few days after. Sure it's normal to worry but you really needn't. good luck let us know how it went.

  • Sorry to hear your doctor was lacking in human decency and compassion. Unfortunately they don't receive training in that kind of thing and then some seem to think they are above everyone else and some just don't care, unfortunately. Yes, I am judging them and doing a damn good job of it. The unknown seems to be the scary thing. Then after it is over we sometimes wonder why we were so concerned. For me I have found that if I can make it ok if the worst happens, it makes it more manageable. I'm not saying I would ever want the worst to happen. I find when I work through the worst case scenario on how to handle things, then I have a plan and it greatly reduces the anxiety and worry. Not sure if I am making sense. It has helped me to do this though. Anyway I'm wishing peace and comfort for you as you go through this.

  • Hi

    Sorry your having problems just give it time I had4 stents after a weeks of rest you will be ready to do as you feel ,not to much though you will get there just give it time I've now got bigger worries on my mind just sleep and rest

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