Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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1 yr on

1 yr on

1 yr ago today I had my heart Attack, it's been a roller coaster ride but I'm feeling so much more positive now , I had a little scar from my angiogram in shape of a heart ( no joke ) so today to mark my day and help me to move on I had a tattoo...I'm so great full to my 2 beautiful children who have been there from day one....I love life now accepting is part of the moving on phase , I'll always be on medication but that's a small price to pay....Happy Days Head ...Have Courage in French being that I was in New Caledonia at the time .....

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Well done. Like you it's been a year to forget . But in saying that since the attack back in Feb never felt so healthy now, lost over 3 and half stone. And got promoted at work so perhaps in some way it if I didn't have the attack none of this would have happened.

Oh the Lord does work in mysterious way's. Lol

Merry Christmas.


Well done to u also, same right here even though I'm a personal trainer ( funny I have the heart Attack) I feel heaps better and like u starting a new job in January...keep going well done again...

Merry Xmas and all the best for the new year

Emma 😊😊


I'm going to have a tattoo on my two stent scars. Love yours! Mind if I copy?

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Go for it 😊 Plz post a pic .....

I love mine , every time I look down at it I smile to know how far I have come 😊


Yes, that's why I want one at 55!


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