Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Abandonned ?!

If you are single and solo and lose consciousness regularly how are you monitored when there are no systems in place to check you are assisted if not aroused ?

I had recently had appointments not transferred on removal , private charities franchising out to call centres or relatives 100 miles away [ when not an emergency] not following agreed procedures or installing correctly & LA directing GPs with MPs deferring .This is very frustrating & worrying as local A&Es have been shut in favour of Minor Injuries discriminating ..I have been told to change GP again after 4 mths to much of a risk?

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Hi ,my sister had a necklace to wear ,at all times ,in case she needed urgent help- she lived alone,elderly ,but help was just a press on the button on this necklace away, and someone answered straight away , sadly my sister had a stroke in her bedroom and was not wearing the necklace ,luckily i phoned her every morning and getting no reply, got myself straight up to her house , ,. she was taken to hospital but being almost 90 yrs of age didnt recover .

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