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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Struggling with working full time and husband worrying all the time


Had my heart attack December 2015. I got my meds sorted finally. Struggling with an over-anxious husband AND boss who has freaked out twice when I've needed to go to hospital from the office. Both times just a scare.

Working full time in London is tough. Anyone else feel the same? Am 55 and not got good pension YET.

Would love to hear from anyone with the same issues.

Happy New year all you survivors xxx

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I am dreading going back to work but for opposite reasons cos so far my boss has shown no compassion at all makes me feel like I did this on purpose! My husband is supportive but is so laid back I really don't think he understands


I went back to work too. I gave up in the end. Every time I went to the loo they would be looking for me. I half expected them to have the paddle in their hands outside the toilet door. I have retired now. Much better. Being around fit and healthy people makes me realize how much I am struggling. Hopefully it will get easier as time passes. Stay strong. Good luck.

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Yes it's a lonely time and only you understand no matter how well meaning others are. I retired as I couldn't deal with work anymore but then my pension allowed me to do that. There is not much you can do about others just concentrate on your self. I found trigger people would make me rise to anger and frustration when I went back to work. My anger levels would rise to extremes. I went to counselling in the end and now do mindfulness to control my relationship to trigger people and situations.

Happy New Year.


Thank you all for your comments. I loved carbram's. - will share x


I've just gone back on a phased return and it all feels a bit strange....like starting a new job. Everyone is being lovely but very careful what they say ....my moving and handling training went along the lines of ' don't do anything you don't think you are capable of' ...reeaaally??🤣 I work with people, which is great, most of the time....but my customer service skills are really being tested...patience/tolerance or rather the lack of it is my biggest concern...I'm convinced I'll end up saying something I would have previously 'filtered'. 😉


Good luck with the filter. I have to confess my swearing has got worse and can't bear people who have pity parties. That's not a game I play.

I like this forum. I'm learning a lot through it. Am seeing a shrink in the New year to help with the anxiety but generally a happy bunny..

Thank you for your response x

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