skipped beats flutter exersised induced

i've had 3 ecg recently and blood tests chest x-ray and 24 hour holter monitor because i keep getting skipped beats or flutters it happens when i'm lying down or when excersising like when i go on a run in the recovery phase like 2 a minute after can get them especially if i take a deep breath in i'll get a thud in my chest it's scaring me because i've heard that excerisise induced ones are deadly can someone help i'm 17 no family history of any heart disease but have real bad anxiety myself but my gp won't refer me for a echo or stress test because he thinks there nothing up with me just anxiety but i've had skipped beats for years but with anxiety that i have now i really notice everything now and think i'm dying . does anyone else think i could be about to die please can i have a answer scared

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  • Go straight to A&E. Explain your symptoms. On the Web go find PMI instruments based in Bracknell. Buy the ecg monitor for £90. It works with your phone. It is nhs approved. You can then monitor your heart and show the ecg to your doctor

  • Hi, what has your cardio said? it is a strange time just after you realise things are not quite right with your heart and all sorts of things flash around the old (or young) grey matter.

    There is always two ways of looking at these things (which is what the one fly said to the other while walking up a mirror) If I take a negative swipe at myself then with what lve got and having had two heart attacks 20% of people die within 5 years, BUT! 80% survive the first 5 year - l concentrate on the 80%.

    There are many reasons why you may get a strange beat but in all cases fretting makes thing worse, l know it is dificult but try and go with the flow and follow what your cardio says.

  • Just go to A&E bypass the GP

  • i've bin a&e that's wear i got a ecg blood test and chest x-ray and they said it's nothing

  • i've bin hospital ages ago they done ecg loads of times on me said it's normal they put me on a referral for 24 hr ecg which i've already done i'm not goin to go hospital again cause they will just turn me away plus it's like a 10 hour wait because of shot of staff

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